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So, hear me out ... yes, it's weird, BUT when you're using a keyboard controller such as, oh, I don't know, an M-Audio Keystayion 66es, there's no foot switch pedal port.


So, what are you to do when you need a foot switch for patch changes, but yet you're using a controller without a foot switch pedal port???


The only easy solution that I have recently discovered, when using MainStage, is to use the Griffin PowerMate. After things are set up properly in MainStage, using the "down arrow" on the computer's keyboard would simply go down to the next patch. Since the PowerMate allows you to assign any key command to any program, the PowerMate will execute the command whichever way you have it assigned to be executed. It can be pushed down, turned, pushed down and turned, both left and right, and probably a few other possibilities.


Therefore, through the PowerMate's software, you would simple have to assign the "down arrow" to the PowerMate's "push down" to do patch changes in MainStage's performance mode.


I guess my only question is: Is there anything out there that is like the PowerMate software which would allow you to use a real USB foot switch? In other words, the PowerMate isn't designed to be stepped on, but what makes this setup work is its software. I'm wondering if there is a "foot switch" version of the PowerMate out there somewhere that's actually meant to be stepped on.


Thanks for any advice!

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