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    Forget it. Saw my CaseID closed and when I tried to reopen it, they said to restore the phone. I've already done this 3 times. From backup, fresh as new iPhone and nothing. But they said to try again. Useless.

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    , what does it means Apple !!!!????... anyway if it's an iOS pb they will have to face the problem even with US users going overseas and not be able to send SMS on GSM networks ...

    What did they say when you called them ?

    1 thing more I would like to check with you >

    activation for imessage and facetime have both an unsuccessful activation and the "you can be reached by ..." doesn't register any phone number even if when I log in with my apple id it shows my correct phone number and then just my email after the "next" screen, weird, I think this problem is linked with the SMS one, like the server cannot register the phone number. The result is that I can use imessage and facetime with my apple id email only

    not my phone number ...

    is it the same for you ?

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    Regarding Apple call, it's a mess - after a very detailed conversation where the representative even sent me an email with a link to upload my iPhone data for further analysis, I thought our complaints had been heard. Then I visited the Apple Support website to check the Case ID that was assigned to the issue and... It was closed!


    I called them back to check why the case was closed since The issue was not resolved? And then I spoke with 2 other guys that essentially heard from the supervisors the only choice I had was to restore as a new iPhone. I did it. Twice. No luck.


    I was so ****** off - but seems I've got a call regarding the closed Case ID - I'll call them back tomorrow and listen to te feedback.


    Regarding FaceTime activation, yes, iPhone uses SMS to activate that. Since our iPhone 5 is not capable to send SMSs... No activation. Yes, I'm in the very same situation.


    I'll post an update as soon as I call back Apple Support.



  • nrlg Level 1 (0 points)

    Are u from Brazil? Im having the same problem here using Vivo carrier. I receive SMS but I can't send! Can't activate facetime and imessage. ****!!!

  • nrlg Level 1 (0 points)

    The same f**** thing!!

  • michael.vietnam Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks for your feedback, they will need time to find a solution but they dont have the choice because it concerns more than just a few early adopters who brought back to their country the US iphone 5, I guess it's a massive bug

    even with this model people should be able to send SMS on GSM network.

    1 information more > When you send SMS did you notice that the failure message comes directly without any delay like the issue comes from the phone itself, not from a server answer, iOS bug ?

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    exacly like u said michael. using in brazil.

  • AppleStarBR Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, the SMS bounce back immediately, no delay.


    My guess is the GSM radio is having difficulties to connect to the SMS service center. Maybe some conflict with the CDMA counter part. But it's just a guess... Checked the SMS service center as well. It's OK, but still no text going out...

  • michael.vietnam Level 1 (0 points)

    yes me too the service center number is correct

    If it's a hardware pb  it means that all the CDMA iphone 5 users can use SMS on their iphone only on US carrier network non GSM ... what a joke ! ...

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    Well, let's admit - if we were home, we would buy a Sprint / Verizon phone to use on... Sprint / Verizon network :)


    However, they made this feature available, so it should work flawlessly. Oh, boy - how I miss Mr. Jobs. :(


    But you know? I'm confident the 1st person I had talked to at Apple Support was sincere. He said he would bring the issue to the engineers. Let's see.

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    I understand but even Sprint/Verizon carriers can not say to their client " ok so we will unlocked your phone for your international use but you wont be able to send SMS anyway with the local GSM sim " , can you believe that ?... SMS are the most used/simple way to comunicate when you are traveling right ?... so even for the verizon/sprint clients it's a big issue

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    did anyone else than AppleStarBR has tried to contact Apple about this issue ?

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    Yeah, I've called apple support center today and explained all the situation above. I've told them that there are other users from Brazil, Russia, Vietnam with the same problem. He asked me to do a factory restore (that i've already done and nothing changed obvious) and asked me to contact Sprint cuz maybe the cell is not fully unlocked (that i don't think so).  So the problem stays...


    I've discovered something if u really need to send a SMS, using your carrier options (settings > telephone > sim applications > messages) i CAN send sms (VIVO BRASIL). but it's only working doing this so NO facetime NO imessage and NO native sms. But it let me know that isn't a problem with the carrier i guess........


    Let's continue to find solutions guys, we've paid for that and it HAVE to work.

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    Thanks for the information.

    First I would say that this is not a Sprint issue because it seems that it's the same with Verizon ...

    Second you should be able to use iMessage and FaceTime with your email from your apple id as I am

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    so... maybe there will be an iOS6.1 soon.....  how could we send this info to apple?

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