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I have an older MacBook Pro running (OS 10.4.11) "Tiger"  and use Entourage for my email client. 


I cannot upgrade the OS yet because I will lose access to some important old programs that will not run on the newer OS versions.  I will upgrade early next year.


So, when I was forced to move off MobileMe (to migrate to iCloud), with help from Apple Support, I set up email only services through my Entourage (using suggested account settings, IMAP, etc.).   My email address remained  "_________ @me.com".   It is working just fine but as far as I know I can only access (send and receive) from my own laptop.


Now I am headed overseas on an extended trip where I will not be able to carry my laptop and therefore need access to my email through the web (ala MobileMe) from internet cafes and other computers (hopefully without having to completely reset the email account settings each time). 


My questions are, (1) with the setup I have using the email only service, can I access it through the web?  How?  If so, what's the URL address/instructions?




(2) if web access is not available, can I arrange to have my Apple email "copied" or "forwarded" to another email address (non-Apple).  This might allow me to set up a temporary third party email service that has web access for use during my trip.


It's frustrating that as far as I can tell, Apple doesn't have a site or resource for people in my situation.


Thanks in advance,


Patrick in Oregon

MacBook Pro, iOS 4.1