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    What specifically have APPLE fixed with the latest firmware?  Does it include updating firmware trouble free with either wifi or ethernet connection?  Does it include being able to connect to the APPLE store after upgrading? Does it include being able to stream without interuption?  Does it include not bricking the APPLE tv?


    So where is the staement from APPLE that says firmware is fixed, and this is what was fixed, and it will now work for you because it was extensively tested before release.


    I among many will not try to upgrade again until APPLE proves tha tthe fix works.


    I agree with CapturedMoments...well stated...SHAME SHAME SHAME APPLE!  Somehow is the APPLE beginning to rot?

  • mobycat Level 1 Level 1

    I am REALLY fed up with this.  I have a 3rd gen AppleTV.  The first time I tried updating, it bricked it.  Took it into the store and they ended up giving me a new unit.  Well, I accidentally told the new one to update.  ANOTHER F***ING BRICK.  It just ends with the usb cable image.  EVERY TIME I try and restore.


    I have a Genuis Bar appointment AGAIN.  This time, THEY are doing the update.  If they give me another... it may be time for me to give up on AppleTV and go with another brand.  I love that I can use it for my iTunes, but this is ridiculous.

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    If you had browsed through this forum, you could see this type of thread had completely died down already.  Only a handful of people are complaining.   It looks like more of a user error then an Apple TV bug.  Your post just shows how good the service is from Apple Store.

  • robfrommaroochydore Level 1 Level 1



    Apple have the update listed as a problem they will fix for free even if you don't have apple care.


    I don't imagine they would do that unless it was their fault

  • mcarterBOOM Level 1 Level 1

    FYI. Have been hitting my head about this update and getting NO where. I saw someone comment about trying the update on a PC. BAM my 7 hr problem is gone. Worth trying

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    Hello Users and Hello Moderators,

       I am trying to ascertain the authenticity and relevance of something called the Apple TV Replacement program

    of which many have noted in other posts. It appears the affected Apple TV machines were made Jan-Sept 2012

    and they simply have a problem with Wi-Fi when using the software update that came in Fall 2012.

    (No link is allowed to be included with this posting)


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    Can some one tell me how can I go to and old version in my apple tv3 ....I downloaded 5.0.2 and try .... but still tell me that  The apple TV could not be restored. This device isn't eligible for the requested build

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    Well, you only have my word but the "Replacement Program" is Real.

    I posted my experiences in the following thread:



    3rd Gen ATV dropping Wi-Fi and replacement Pgm solved (hopefully)




    You may want to look at the thread. It affectes the 3rd Gen ATV's with SN's as described. Also they are replacing units up to two years after purchase.

    As far as my satisfaction with the "new" ATV's goes, I am a VERY happy camper!! It's like it was before this mess started. There hasn't been a hiccup one. ATV is, once again, reliable!

    Thanks Apple!



  • liwang26 Level 1 Level 1

    Well the thing is that i just did de update 5 day ago ..... I would go to an Apple store but I am in taiwan for a couple of months ..... so I am traing to do the possible to fixed my self ... any suggestions?

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    Wrong chao.   Once I removed the garbage that was the update, via the restore function, it worked as it did.   Disgusted that I couldn't update.  And, given this issue, and Apple's decline relative tablets, this may be my last Apple product.

  • dchao99 Level 4 Level 4

    It will still go wrong eventually.


    I was able to fix it via restore at first.  After a few weeks, the WiFi died completely, and zero network connection.


    I hope you that doesn't happen to you too.


    Anyway, Apple has issued a list of defective serial numbers.  If yours is in it, it's better to bring it back to the Apple store


  • Ewicp Level 1 Level 1

    Be VERY careful with this subject. The post referenced above was removed, Apple said because it referred to "pre-release" software only available to developers. The only software it referred to was the latest update to the operating software of the ATV!



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    Ole so this is my story I didn't update my Apple TV but I was watching via AirPlay on my iPad and the movie stopped saying on the Apple TV that there is an error loading this content I tried a couple More times but still the same error signed ou and than it happend...couldn't sign in anymore cannot AirPlay anymore can't restore can't reset can't even connect tommy wifi Apple TV can't do anything anymore tried everything....nothing works...please I need answers

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    Does anyone know how one can tell the difference physically from an Apple TV 2 and an Apple TV 3?


    The internet doesn't seem to have any resolving power here...


    OMG, it's annoying, this Death of Apple TV due to an update.

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    They both look the same unless you can power them up I guess you wouldn't know.