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A previous question of mine re copying files was answered by using an Airstash.


I know an ipod can connect to the internet via wi-fi. But, is there anything to enable an iPod to be able to be connected to a hotel's wired LAN? Perhaps using such a product as Airstash?


Thanks in anticipation.

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    Only by connecting the ethernet cable to a wifi router to create a wifi network. Apple makes a small one . See:

    http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC414LL/A/airport-express-base-station?fnode=5 8&fs=m.manufacturer%3Dapple

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    Thank you for the info IIIaass.


    Shortly, I'm going on a holiday where the hotels appear to have a wired LAN only access in the room (not wifi). I'm going to buy an iPod and would like wifi internet access at home.


    As a pensioner, in order to justify having internet access on holidays via LAN, I would like to be able to use it on holiday and at home as well.


    I'm nowhere an expert on this, but, I've seen products such as Belkin N300 Wireless Modem Router (www.dicksmith.com.au) that appear to do what I want. Connections - 1 x ADSL 2+ & 4 x LAN.


    Do you know if this is just a LAN input to ADSL 2+, or can I connect via wifi to a LAN network?


    Is it possible to use the same piece of equipment to wifi connect to a LAN and a telephone ADSL 2+ network via something like this?


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    A do not know. In the USA we really do not have anything called ADSL-2.

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    macpomaus, there is some very impressive expertise on the Airport forum. Someone there may be able to help you. Good luck!

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    Australia has too small a population to have a product like ADSL 2+ on its own.


    Check out the American site www.wikipedia.org. Search on ADSL 2+. Look at 2.2.1 United States.


    Perhaps you use cable/optics and not copper wire, which could be why you don't know about ADSL-2 in the USA?

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    Thanks Susan.


    I think I may have already found a solution.


    Netgear N300 Wireless Modem Router, or as I think Netgear calls it, a DGN2200, appears to do the trick, according to Netgear as of now. I'm awaiting futher info. Will let you and IIIaass know the answer from Netcomm.


    Problem is that it's hard to tell with American companies having the same name (N300) on the packaging of five different DGN named products!!! Especially with the American to English translation; which I don't fully understand.


    If I remember, when I get back from hols, I'll let you know if it worked.