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I installed the Boot Camp drivers. The eject key and screen brightness up and down keys do not work with the ctrl key combo. Is there another key combination that is working? Here's the corresponding FAQ entries -

Why don't CDs and DVDs eject using the Eject key on my Apple keyboard when running Windows XP?

The Apple Keyboard Eject Key software may not be installed. Make sure you have installed the Macintosh Drivers CD as described above and in the "Boot Camp Beta Installation & Setup Guide" PDF document.

In Windows XP, the Brightness keys on my keyboard stopped working after I changed keyboards.

Brightness keys may stop working if you disconnect your keyboard and attach a different one. If this happens, reinstall the Macintosh drivers from the Macintosh Drivers CD to resolve the issue.

Macbook Pro 2.0Ghz (Wk 8609), Mac OS X (10.4.5)