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I have the iphone 4s and my itunes has always recognized it when I plugged it into my computer. Today, it will charge and open iphoto, but it won't bring up my iphone in the left side bar so I can't update my music.

MacBook (13-inch Early 2008), iOS 6
  • Limnos Level 9 Level 9

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1591


    Mac OS X v10.6: iOS device not recognized in iTunes after restart - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3540


    If syncing by wifi you may need to restart your computer and try again.

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    Im having the same issue after I updated my itunes to 10.7....  then I upgraded to IOS 6 on my iphone hoping it would fix the issue.


    I  followed all the links below > uninstalled and reinstalled Itunes > restarted my iphone (home button + off) > pressed home button on my iphone for itunes logo to appear....and still nothing.  Found out my friend is also having the same issue


    Anyone got a clue? please help


    I have a iPhone 4 (IOS6)

    Windows 7 (x64)


    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows



    iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes



    Completely Remove iTunes and Other Apple Software from a Windows Computer

    http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/23959/completely-remove-itunes-and-other-apple-so ftware-from-a-windows-computer/

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    Ok so I found the solution, sadly i had to reformat my laptop to figure out the issue. Anyways, if you have a passcode (PIN) to unlock your iphone then make sure before you plug in your phone to the computer that you have already unlock your phone.  Give that a try and see how you go.

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    EVERYTHINH IN THIS LINK WOKER PERFECTLY!!!!!!! what I did in particular was USE Revo Unistaller.

    what it lets you do is delete ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that has to do with itunes. in a way ITS LIKE FORMATING ITUNES! INSTEAD OF FORMATING YOUR COMPUTER! there is a few other things that is yotally up to you but I HIGHLY RECOMEND EVERYONE TO DO THIS!!! http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/23959/completely-remove-itunes-and-other-apple-so ftware-from-a-windows-computer/

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    There are a few troubleshooting tricks that will solve the problem.

    (1) Quit and restart iTunes

    (2) Try to connect to a different USB port on the computer

    (3) Reboot the iPhone and press the button of Power and Home simultaneously until the icon of Apple appear

    (4) Reboot the computer

    (5) Use a different syncing cable

    If the iTunes still can't recognize the iPhone, probably, the problem is with the iTunes itself. You should delete it and its affiliate software, and reinstall. Here, take Window 7 as an example. Firstly, enter the control panel and follow the following steps to remove the iTunes in order.

    Remove iTunes>QuickTime>Apple Software Update>Apple Mobile Device Support>Bonjour>Apple Application Support

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    Quitting and restarting iTunes worked perfectly! Thank-You!

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    I had the same problem of my laptop not recognizing my iPhone 4S.  After plugging it in a restarting my laptop, I tried pressing the home button on the phone (while it was plugged into the laptop).  I got a popup message on the home screen asking if I "trusted this compter".  After pressing "yes" it showed up immediately on my laptop.  Problem solved.

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    This seems to have fixed the issue: on your desktop, hold down the [OPT] key and click on "Go" in the menu bar; holding down the [OPT] click on Library, find Preferences, and then delete all the files that start with "com.apple.itunes.XXXX.plist" where the "XXX" is whatever other things may exist - as long as they end in "plist". From my experience, preference files are rebuilt by the system after the next restart, so you have very little worry of losing any important data; the worst that could happen )and NOT in this instance, but for other plist files) is that you may have to reset the application "preferences" again when you next start it up, to act or appear in a "preferred" customized way for you.


    Once you delete the .plist files, empty the Trash, and either log out or restart the computer. Once you're back up and operational, start iTunes and your iDevices should reappear in the sidebar (if that's open) and/or at the top of the screen (if that view is enabled).


    Hope that helps. It definitely fixed my problem!