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I've found a few previous threads that reference this problem, but it's pretty horrific especially now LTE is in the picture.


Despite setting the "Use Cellular Data" option to OFF (verified in both Music and iTunes settings), if you select music to be downloaded (i.e. click the cloud icon), iTunes grabs the music regardless of whether you are on WiFi or Cellular.


Scenario 1: I get a new iPhone5 and want to sync my existing music library to it. I have a playlist with all 2500 songs in it, so I go there and hit the cloud icon so all my music copies over. There's no way to pause the whole process - only individual songs - and no way to stop it using cellular data, so when I leave the house, my phone starts eating up my cellular data plan (2.5GB in 3 days, when most of my time was spent at home). I detailed this on my blog - say-no/


Still, it shouldn't be so bad, because I spent most of my time at home. Right?


Scenario 2: Your brand new iPhone 5 has problems staying connected to WiFi (see the many threads on this issue). What happens when it has problems with WiFi and drops off the network? Yup, you got it, it uses LTE instead. So while I'm sitting in my house, 10 feet away from a 802.11n access point, supposedly 'safely' downloading my music over my home Internet connection, my phone randomly decides it doesn't want to play with WiFi after all, and continues downloading on cellular instead. Isn't that great?


This is ridiculous. The option "Use Cellular Data" should do exactly what it says - when turned OFF, iTunes should not be downloading iTunes Match data from the cloud over cellular. I have 20Gig of music to download, and thank goodness I caught it when I did before being hit with enormous overages.


Hopefully this is just a bug and can be fixed easily and quickly by Apple.


Thank you!

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  • jgherbert Level 1 Level 1

    Ok. So here's the deal.


    If you are on cellular data (not WiFi) and you have the Use Cellular Data options set to OFF, you cannot add items to the iTunes Match download queue, and you can't immediately play (sort of stream) tracks either. While on WiFi, those options are available to you, and you can fill up the queue for download.


    Once a track is in the queue, it will download over any network connection you have. You can't control that, and the only way to stop it is to either individually pause every track in your download queue (2500 tracks? I think not), go into Airplane Mode (hmm), or disable 3G data in Settings (at best, a brutal workaround).


    The only real workaround is to stay at home while you add 1 album at a time, wait for it to finish, then add the next one. That way you can keep your queue size manageable enough to be able to pause it when needed.


    AppleCare Tier2 confirm this behavior - not quite as a 'feature', but "currently that's how it is". It's a ridiculous design decision that will cost some people very dearly on their data plan overages. Worse, if you are using iTunes Match at home on WiFi and you are experiencing the WiFi drops that are being reported, your iTunes Match transfers will continue virtually uninterrupted over cellular data instead until your WiFi comes back.


    *shakes head*

  • scurrell218 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the post and update. Had the same problem on Friday. Started downloading songs over wifi at office then left and songs kept downloading over cellular even though option was off. Used about 500 MB just on Friday.

  • Dan Berkman Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here.  I will be contacting Apple and AT&T. I sucked down a few gigs of data - and went over my monthly limit - before I could even figure out the problem.  Just effing terrible.  Itunes Match is not a free service; I am actually paying Apple for the ability to blow through my data cap.

  • paulinlondon Level 1 Level 1

    This is not an issue confined to iPhone 5. I have an iPhone 4S and after upgrading to ios6 last week and needing to redownload music from the cloud, iTunes Match downloaded music over a cellular network and used up all my data allowance for the month (on the first day).


    After calling tech help I was told this was not a problem with iTunes Match but a "feature". You need to switch off iTunes Match when you are not using it. This is a significant issue with usability of the service as it takes away playlists along with being very slow and unresponsive when switching it back on. Any playlists created would then be erased when switching it back on.


    The "use cellular data" switches in settings are pointless and IOS will download whatever it wants. The only workaround for this is to switch of cellular data completely.


    Given that there is very little information on how itunes Match works (or does not work), I would not recommend iTunes Match since these changes are a significant backward step on how the service was offered previously.

  • Lfromny Level 1 Level 1

    I just read a cnet article that explains that the setting in music does not work if you have push notifications turned on in the store.   You must make sure you turn off automatic push notifications in the STORE by going to Settings>store> and turn off all automatic downloads.  I have also turned off "Use cellular data" here as well since I don't need to download purchases (nor do I want to download purchases over the cell network).  I can't be sure this will work but seems like a reasonable explanation. 

  • gadgetcoma Level 1 Level 1

    I visited the Genius Bar about this problem today. I was able to show him how iTunes Match ignores the setting of Use Cellular Data = Off. He even reproduced it himself and said that it sure looks like a bug. He's submitting to Apple. I went ahead and submitted via feedback as well. Fortunately, Verizon said there is no issue correcting the data usage issue that resulted and I won't be responsible.

  • lukeh25 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem here.  Started downloading 600 songs or so via wifi at work last night. When I left work it hadn't finished, so I disabled itunes match, and last night synced my phone the old way and added songs via itunes on the laptop.  When I woke up this morning, there were a number of alerts saying particular songs couldn't download.  I checked my data usage and it continues to climb (3.4GB in total, 500MB in half an hour). despite: Itunes Match disabled, cellular data off in icloud, itunes and music settings. Also - most of the songs I wanted to download should now be on my phone as I have put them there via a traditional sync.

    Have spoken to carrier and turned off celular data completely on the phone to stop it until I await a fix....


  • Jamie Pichora Level 1 Level 1

    So I think you can temporarily kill the download if you quit the iTunes Store app on your phone. To do that, double-tap the home button, tap and hold the purple iTunes app (not the orange Music app) until things wobble, then tap the red Close button.


    It's temporary though because if you attempt to download another song, that'll fire up the iTunes app and the entire download queue will resume.

  • Dominar Level 1 Level 1

    This happened to me today.


    I started a download of a playlist of 408 songs this morning while I was getting ready for work.  Before I left the house I flipped off the "use cellular data" option under Music and left for work.


    I noticed my phone was quite warm in my pocket (another issue) and then I got a notice from Verizon that I was at 75% of my 2GB of data usage.  I was like what?  I wasn't even close to 1GB a few days ago!


    Then I check the playlist and sure enough it was downloading songs.  I checked the switch in Music settings and confirmed it was off.  So, then I went and stopped each individual song.


    This is BS.

  • gwestr Level 1 Level 1

    This just screwed me today. My data allowance re-ups on the 21st. I started syncing music before I left the house this morning, and I guess it didn't finish before I left. I thought I was safe with cellular data off. It ran my battery down 30% in 30 minutes, and Verizon rate limited me off the network. I couldn't get service again for 10 minutes.

  • Tomeranaray Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here: iTunes Match just downloaded 1 Gigabyte over my mobile network. The wording of the option "Use Cellular data" clearly states "Use cellular network for automatic downloads AND iTunes Match". So if you disable it, it should not use any data for iTunes Match. This must be a bug, not a feature. And it's a bug that will cost me a lot of money because downloading outside my data plan is expensive!

  • mrgibbysworth Level 1 Level 1

    I too queued up a handful of albums to download this morning, took a shower, walked the dog... and by the time I got to work, a text from VZW tells me I've used 50% of my (2GB) data for the month (2 days into billing cycle).  This is on a 4S with iOS6, with FiOS and Airport Express at home, so it should have finished the 750mb or so in the alloted 45 minutes, but the screen went dark, so iPhone took a nap instead of doing her job.


    This is bonkers for several reasons:


    1. If you queue several iCloud downloads, from within the Music app, there is no visible queue for the pending downloads. You have to go back into the artist/album to see the progress on each song OR enter the iTunes app to check the pending downloads.  WHAT? my queue is in ANOTHER app?*


    2. Queued downloads continue when the app is "killed" from the task switcher.  I guess this is a feature, but there is NO indication of a data connection in use.


    3. If the iPhone screen goes dark to sleep, it turns off wifi to save battery and any queued downloads stop.  They will resume, over any available data connection, regardless of user selected settings. This is true for partially downloaded songs and queued songs. If I wanted to use cellular to download, I would enable that setting.


    4. Podcasts, while a different app from music, uses the same data storage and download queueing.  So if you have pending downloads that you can't see the progress of, you may wonder why podcasts aren't updating.


    5. In, if you have "show all music" set to on, there is no indication if an artist/album is available locally or in iCloud.  You have to browse into the tree to see the track names greyed out.  Or else you can toggle "show all music" in settings.  Why can't there be a toggle within, or an iCloud/local tab?  While I'm ranting about Music app, PLEASE can we have a sort by Artist/Album/YEAR option like in iTunes on mac? 

  • John Sherrit Level 1 Level 1

    Just bought Itunes match and wish I had read this before buying.


    I just chewed through my wife's 500MB and also ran up a 25€ bill before we noticed I had of course switched off cellular data via match.


    I'm now writing to itunes for a refund due to this bug on the phone. Or failing that somewhere on the site that says this will happen.


    I also have my suspicions that this is also happening with the podcast app that if you like up 5-10 podcasts to download under wifi  and then leave the house before they complete that they continue to download on 3G/LTE!


    I've used 896 of my 1 G connection and NEVER download apps while out of range.


    It's got so I switch my 3G off most of the time which is crazy and defeats the purpose of the phone.

  • Tomeranaray Level 1 Level 1

    Please let us know if a refund was possible. My phone bill will be massive because of this.


    Also, I've read somewhere IOS 6.01 will fix this bug. A new option will be added in Settings.

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