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For the last couple months I have had a notification that I have software updates available on my iMac.  When I open the App Store and click updates there will be the usual software updates and then there is an update for angry birds (which i dont have).  I can update everything but the angry birds. When I click update for the angry birds it brings up an apple login in screen with an unfamiliar apple ID. I have tried to log in with my apple ID but it just says there was an error with the update try again later. I cant figure out a way to delete the update for angry birds. Can someone help me understand what and why this is happening and also how to fix it?  Thank you for any help you can give.


iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you log in to the App Store and click on your Purchases tab, is Angry Birds listed there? If so, you might be able to hide it so that you are not constantly pestered with the update you can't apply. Control+Click on the Installed (or Install) button and you should get an option to hide it - that'll remove it from the list. If ever you wan't to unhide it log back in to your App Store account, click on the 'Your Account' button and there is an option to unhide your hidden purchases.


    Another thing that can mess with the way the App Store recognises what needs updating is via Spotlight, and if your Macintosh HD has for some reason been excluded from Spotlight searches that can cause problems.

    Check: System Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy tab. If your Macintosh HD is listed remove it from the list using the minus button. Spotlight will then re-index your HD.

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    Paul, Angry birds is not listed as a purchased app and I cant find any trace of anything dealing with angry birds anywhere on my computer except for in the software update section of the app store.  when I do a spotlight search for "angry birds" the onlything that comes up is todays record of this discussion!  It is driving me mad! 

    Any other ideas?


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    Mmm, bit stuck for other suggestions. Any other user accounts on your computer?


    The only other thing I could suggest is maybe clicking on the Assistance button on the right when you log in to your App Store account and raise the query with them. In the past, I've found Apple's response to my queries using this method has been quite good.

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    Navigate to




    to contact support for assistance.