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Ok so I have been using Final Cut pro x on my new 2012 macbook pro, 8gb ram , 2.6 ghz, and it has been working pretty good, some minor crashes here and there, but now my program is running very slow. I am editing a rather large documentary on my computer (tons of HD footage), and it already 12 minutes long and will be much longer. My concern is if its running this slow with 10 minutes into the film, I couldn't see Final cut pro even running when it gets to 30 minutes long. I have been reading about final cut being slow and I have mostly seen people post about external hard drive... I just got  a 3 TB external hard drive from WD, and I hope to use it. My confusion is just how to keep my files and my project on my external hard drive. I understand how to drag files onto the external hard drive, but then they are not on final cut? How do I get it so my files are on my external hard drive, and then when I open and turn on my external, I can edit my current project? Thanks!

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Brand new computer...