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Russell Lindenschmidt Level 1 (35 points)

My Xserve has become unresponsive as of late.  After looking through processes, I find this:


Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 9.24.26 AM.png


Mysql is crushing my CPU at over 100% usage for a minute, then going away, only to reappear and further bog it down.  So, I kill it.  It reappears.  I restart the server, it reappears.  I then double check that it is not enabled under in the Server Admin preferences and it is not.  So, what other services in 10.6.8 Server require Mysql?  Any help disabling it would be greatly appreciated as the server is almost unusable.

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  • MrHoffman Level 6 (14,782 points)

    Review the server console logs and see what relevent information (if any) is being logged related to this.

  • Russell Lindenschmidt Level 1 (35 points)

    Looked through the logs for the PID and User, the  only reference I could find was SystemStarter calling the Mysql runner and then starting MySQL database server.  Not sure why SystemStarter would do that as the service is turned off though?

  • MrHoffman Level 6 (14,782 points)

    If there's something wacky that's auto-relaunching MySQL, the process id will be a moving target.


    Launch Console.app and have a look at the MySQL log.


    If the system is fairly quiet while you're looking at the logs, then looking at all logged messages with Console.app can be feasible, too.

  • Russell Lindenschmidt Level 1 (35 points)

    The only thing in MySQL.log is upgrade info from 2011-11-30:



    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]  ==== MySQL admin log created ====

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]  Performing Migration/Upgrade for MySQL Service.

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]  Migration options:

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]    purge         = YES

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]    sourceRoot    = /Previous System

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]    sourceType    = System

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]    sourceVersion = 10.5.8

    2011-11-30 08:38:53 America/Denver [I]    targetRoot    = /



    I've been watching all logged messages with the Console during lunch, and nothing pops up for MySQL.

  • MrHoffman Level 6 (14,782 points)

    Tried grepping the logs for any mysql chatter?