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E-mail I sent to AT & T:

Dear AT & T Customer Care,


Thanks for answering my request, it happens that I'm not traveling, because I am Brazilian and I live in Brazil, I was in New York on vacation and bought two iPhone in First Class Wireles 500 8 TH AVE New York, 10018 - Joey - and paid each (Apple iPhone 4GS 64GB for $ 904.50 each - bought unlocked so you can use in Brazil; happens that I was deceived by the store and when I arrived in Brazil I saw that the iPhone was locked, my niece came to NY in June and was now complain to the store, which they sold a Gevey Ultra S at a price of $ 190.00 saying it desbloquearia the iPhone, it happens that these platelets do not work, and I'm desperate to be deceived and do not know who recorer.

I thought we were onestos traders USA.

Because this iPhone AT & T bound'm requesting the release, so you can use this device, but I have to throw it away because it has no utility, despite having paid dearly for it.


I contacted Apple, who asked to get in touch with you AT & T.




Thank you


Flavio A. Crestani


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1