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E-mail I sent to AT & T:

Dear AT & T Customer Care,


Thanks for answering my request, it happens that I'm not traveling, because I am Brazilian and I live in Brazil, I was in New York on vacation and bought two iPhone in First Class Wireles 500 8 TH AVE New York, 10018 - Joey - and paid each (Apple iPhone 4GS 64GB for $ 904.50 each - bought unlocked so you can use in Brazil; happens that I was deceived by the store and when I arrived in Brazil I saw that the iPhone was locked, my niece came to NY in June and was now complain to the store, which they sold a Gevey Ultra S at a price of $ 190.00 saying it desbloquearia the iPhone, it happens that these platelets do not work, and I'm desperate to be deceived and do not know who recorer.

I thought we were onestos traders USA.

Because this iPhone AT & T bound'm requesting the release, so you can use this device, but I have to throw it away because it has no utility, despite having paid dearly for it.


I contacted Apple, who asked to get in touch with you AT & T.




Thank you


Flavio A. Crestani


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    You are not talking to AT&T. This is an Apple hosted user to user forum.

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    Sorry, but his also has nothing to do with AT&T nor with Apple. The reseller from whom you purchased your iPhone does not sell unlocked iPhones; only Apple's own stores offer unlocked iPhones in the US. I can't even determine that First Class is authorized to sell the iPhone at all, though they may be and I just can't find the information.


    If you were told by First Class Wireless that they were selling you unlocked iPhones, then they were either completley misinformed or just flat lied to you. Neither AT&T nor Apple has any responsiblity in this matter. Your issue and recourse is with First Class Wireless and you will need to work this problem out with them.


    Note that the Gevey SIM is illegal in almost every country in the world, so if you purchased the Gevey SIM also from First Class, they are an extremely unethical business and are quite possibly engaged in criminal activity, though I am not certain whether it is illegal to sell the Gevey SIM or just illegal to use one.