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  • sampan9 Level 1 Level 1

    Even the new iPhone 5S makes that rattling noise when you shake it. It is the Power button on the top that is loose in the casing. Even with Apple's £35.00 case it makes that noise. If you hold the button and shake it the sound disappears. Mine is going straight back as you don't expect this from the world's top brand!

  • DrJo1 Level 1 Level 1

    My rattle started today. You have 14 days to get a new phone under warranty - so we really know what to do about this rattle. It does not 'sound right'. That's for sure.

  • Xhiea Level 1 Level 1

    For all of you angry people, my iPhone 5, all of my friends iPhone 5 and my girlfriends new 5C ALL have the rattle, it is a part of the autofocus mechanism as you will notice that when the camera is locked in focus, the rattle disappears! Get over it people!

  • mjbp6 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think is something we should "get over." Apple has such a loyal customer base for its quality. I for one can't get over the fact I paid money for a defect, known defect. We still love the products but that doesn't mean we or ci have to settle with a rattling noise. My 4, had it or 2years and never had this issue. So, xhiea-you and your folks may can get over it but I most certainly will not. Keep those types of comments to yourself. It's  not a matter of being angry, it's dissatisfaction, which can  then turn to anger because it's frustrating.

  • DrJo1 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think it is the power button because if you hold it and tap, it still rattles the same. It also doesn't sound like its there - is sounds a bit further down. and no, when the camera is locked in focus, it still rattles (although trying to get it to lock in focus and then rattle it is not easy). I don't know whether to get it back under warranty or not still - i've only had it 4 days.

  • Xhiea Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think you understand though... It's not a defect. Try ANY phone with autofocus and it will have the same rattle, it is the nature of the mechanism. FYI you can lock the focus by holding down on a single point on the camera app for a few seconds.

  • Xhiea Level 1 Level 1

    Enjoy the phone, stop stressing yourself out over a non-problem. Yes, it can be disconcerting but take comfort in the fact that every single smartphone available with an autofocus camera has the same "problem".

  • Matthew Siekmann Level 1 Level 1

    I would have to agree.  I was original not happy with the rattle with my 5, but after swapping it out for one that did not rattle I noticed my picture quality decline.  I have since upgraded to the 5S which has a rattle.  I've moved on and simply accepted it.  The picture quality is much better with better focus.  I wish I didn't hear a rattle but oh well.  I still love the 5S.

  • startfruitman Level 1 Level 1

    Yep, I just got an iPhone 5S 32GB Space Gray with EXTRA RATTLE from BOTH the power and mute switches.


    Not impressed.  My 4S didn't make any sound at all.  I'm not happy about this at all.


    Apple - the manufacturing that is being executed on your amazing design is NOT UP TO PAR or Apple Excellence.  Where is QA?

  • hotbossa Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, I can't believe all the posts here about the rattle. Honestly at first it bothered me a little but now I don't even notice it. Does the phone work correctly? Are you able to take pics with it? Then you are good!


    On a side note, I have gone through several cases for my iphone 5. The best one I have found by far is made by magpul. It comes in lots of different colors, is streamline and rugged and is made in the USA!! I found mine on evilbay for $10 with free shipping!!

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3

    Its not the Camera, we all know the camera makes a 'slight' rattle, if you put your finger on the power button it stops rattling. If you take a video and move around normally it rattles and can be heard very clearly in the video. When in my wheelchair using the phone as I am being pushed, it rattles, that's a fault. I had a few replacements, they all rattled. The 5C does not. Something is off with the build of many many iPhone 5s phones. If you want to kid yourself its all fine go ahead but its not, placing your finger over the power button stops the rattle. Oh and my iPhone 5 never rattled so its not normal, its just bad manufacturing.

  • Birnensaft Level 1 Level 1

    Let me tell you my story.


    I received my new iPhone 5C about 6 weeks ago, after a few days I noticed a rattle coming from the area around the camera when you tap it or put it down on a table. I contacted apple and the (obviously yet unskilled) lady told me they will replace it. After receiving my new replacement I noticed the rattle again right out of the box. I was disappointing.


    Then I took the new one to the Genius Bar of the apple store in Dresden and the guys told me it's normal and a "feature" of the camera lens, one storekeeper even showed my his iPhone 5S and I "investigated" a few showpieces. ALL phones including that one of the storekeeper had that raddle, and at this time I own the third 5C within a month and there is still a rattle.


    Now I realized that it appears to be normal and nothing to worry about

  • jtzll Level 1 Level 1

    All of you might just be the biggest idiots there can ever be, it doesn't take a genius to realize that the sound is from an object that is not as small as the home button or the sleep button ect. if you think that's whats making the rattle noise then hold whatever you think it is down while you shake it and you won't hear a sound if that's what the problem is, but if you still hear the sound then it's probably the battery that's come loose inside the phone.

    and you have to do is gently apply pressure from the front of the phone to make sure that the battery sticks back to the phone beause it is attached with adheseve glue and voila! it will be gone. if you're phone rattle like this video, then this is definitly the solution.

  • kseybert08 Level 1 Level 1

    YES! I have a bad rattle on BOTH of my replacement phones... third is on its way.  When I hold down the power/lock button in one the sound is greatly diminished but on the other the rattle almost completely goes away.  That button must be the source of the issue.  I'm curious as to what issues might come of this.  Maybe iPhone not able to use the top button in the future?

    I have never had a problem with getting my iPhones at the Verizon store.  NONE of them rattled.  Though, now having to go through the insurance company to get a replacement phone sent to me...  and they say these are BRAND NEW iPhones that have never been used.  They do look new, but don't sound like new.

    I'm VERY irritated that I have to go through so many phones... I hope someone has an answer to these problems!

  • Danj1469 Level 1 Level 1

    i have an i phone six and I have found that when I shake it slightly it rattle all it is is the mute button in the top left rattling dont now if it's the same with the 5

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