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    I just noticed the same thing.  How disappointing.  I'm returning it.  Ill stick with my 4S without a rattle.

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    It happens when you simply pick up and put down your phone. You don't even need to shake it. But thanks for your incredible contribution to this discussion. I'm sure you've given everyone the peace of mind they've been seeking.

    stop_complaining wrote:


    Stop shaking your phone needlessly.

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    I don't believe that for a second.  I've seen the internal components of the phone and every single connection is held down by metal plates that are attached by at least two screws each.  I don't see what critical component could be rattling to make someone think that their phone is defective.


    Every single model rattles when you tap it.  My iPhone 4 rattles when I tap it.  I never noticed it until someone who was needlessly scrutinizing the phone under the pretext that they "paid a premium" for the phone and who decided there should not be a rattle when you tap it next to the camera was complaining about it. 


    I invite you to peruse the discussion forums for a rattle from iPhone 4 through iPhone 5.


    I think that you'll also find that people blow things way out of proportion.




    1. iPhone screens are fragile!  I broke it and it only fell from 3ft high! - Don't by a phone made of glass.  Glass breaks, no matter what type of glass it is.


    2. The metal on iPhone 5 scratches!  Uh... ALL PHONES SCRATCH.


    Let's use some common sense people.

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    Lets assume that some noise (rattle) is a characteristic of all Iphone 5s.  Lets also assume that there are differences in the amount of noise emitted from the phone.  In fact, if we took all Iphone 5s, I would wager the amount of noise is normally distrubuted.  However, to say all noise is 'normal' just because it is characteristic of all Iphones is not true and suggests a poor understanding of the term "normal."  We could very easily assign a cut-off point for outliers, lets say plus or minus three standard deviations.  Given the assumptions above, it is quite possible that stop_complaining was unable to find a phone that was loud enough to be distracting, as it could a somewhat rare event, effecting approximately 3% of all Iphone 5s (given the above assumptions).  


    For most Iphones, this amount is inabuible and unobstrusive. However, for some, it appears that there could be noise that is extreme and detract from the phones use. In my experience, this seems to be true, with the two other Iphone's I have access to emitting less noise (being nearly inaudible) and mine being quite loud.  I can hear the rattle when I tap my and pick up my phone.  This also appears to be supported by other comments. 


    Additionally, if the manufacuring process was refined, it is likely there would be less variation in the amount of noise emitted from phones.  We would likely need something more sensitive than the than the human ear to detect difference of identify an outlier.  


    With that said, I believe Apple's position that this is 'normal' is that their manufacturing process on the specific component is not percise resulting in wide variotion and quite a large percentage of phones above tolerance (the point at which people can hear the rattle and be annoyed by it).  This is why they will not replace the phone.  If it was a more rare event, they would likely have no problem replacing it.  In other words and modifying what was said in fight club:


    Take the number of phones in the field, A, multiply by the probablity it is below tolerance, B, multiply by the cost to replace phones, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is too high and will eat into profits too much, do not replace the phone. 

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    My iPhone rattled similarly to the one in this video:

    I went to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue today and shook all the  iPhone 5 display models. None of them ratled like mine. My phone felt like something inside was loose and hitting the sides of the phone. All of the buttons were not loose. None of them rattled. The display models all felt solid. The only rattle in the display models came from the camera lens and this rattle was barely noticeable. The first aple employee that I gave my phone too was surprised and said I definately need to bring it to the Genius bar because he could really feel something sliding around in the phone. The genius said that there is definately a problem and took my phone to open it up. When she came back she told me a loose battery was the culprit. When she asked why I did not bring the phone in earlier I told her I thought it was the vibration motor like many people have suggested. She said the vibration motor would not rattle like that.

    Here is the work diagnosis:

    Problem Description/Diagnosis

    Issue: Battery rattles since the first day. It is not the customers fault and is covered by warranty.
    Steps to Reproduce: Shook phone, opened device
    Proposed Resolution: Replace
    Cosmetic Condition: Good


    I recieved an iPhone from a white box. I do not know if it was refurbished but it looked like new and did not rattle except for the camera lense.

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    My iphone 5 rattles and it was irritation the crap out of me! I went into the Apple store today (was able to score 2 lightening cables, one didn't work ) to see other iphone 5's rattle and they do. Most have my kind of rattle which it a slight, high pitched, faint rattle which I realize now is the lense. I shook one of the iphones there and I could hear a thud and physically feel something hitting the inside of the phone....that is the loose battery issue. 2 totally different things. I don't know if that helps. For those of you still worried about it, every iphone I tested there, 12 in total made the noise when you shook it.

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    Having read all of the above posts, I still find hard to accept that an Apple product rattles. It shows either bad design/engineering, cheap component or shoddy workmanship during manufacture. I expect more from Apple. They have more and more competition with generation of phone and should be eradicating these problems before release.

    I personally did not want a rattle on my phone when I bought it and the argument that 'well they do' is not enough.

    I take every precaution to protect my phone on the outside and expect Apple to do the same internally. I will be purchasing a rival phone.

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    I received a telephone call from an Apple engineer who was very interested in the issue. I explained the response I received at the Apple Store and he said the rattling shouldn't happen because the thing that is moving in the camera is the size of a grain of sand. He heard the rattling and said that is not common. He called my local Apple Store and set up the swap. When I came in they had everything waiting and the iPhone was being shipped to Cupertino for further evaluation.


    My new iPhone has no rattling. My suggestion is to demand a new one. There's enough documentation that this is an issue.

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    On my iPhone 5 the rattle sounds very loud. Every time I pick it up I hear the rattle. In a few days a new iPhone will be delivered. So, I hope there will be no rattling.

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    There can be no doubt that Apple have released an inferior product to market in the iPhone 5. I have had four delivered to me and I've returned all four. Also, every time I meet someone with an iPhone 5, I ask about the rattle. If they're unaware of it, I show it to them.


    Now, off to my service provider to check out the latest Samsung products. ;-)

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    I bought my phone 3 weeks ago and it has developed the rattle which is getting worse. I went to the genius bar and was told its normal - live with it. I'm shocked that apple think this is ok. I have been with the brand for 15 years and this would never been acceptable in an apple product a few years ago. Get it together apple and replace these broken phones.

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    I went today to the Apple store with this issue. Some genius told me that Apple might/is preparing the free fix in the future. It would supposedly be free of charge and it might include adding some extra part into the phone itself.

    But hey, it might be just pure get rid off answer to not deal with the replacement the phone.

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    So I don't know why most of you consider that batter issue to be a "rattle", but my iPhone 5 has a REAL rattle. I don't have to shake it, just have to tap up top by the back camera or wait for a text or anything that makes it vibrate.


    No solutions as of yet, and the best part was when I called AppleCare about it. Lady in a monotone voice was like, "that's expected function" and that Apple, "is not doing any hardware repairs" for it at this time. However, she then proceded to offer to schedule me a genius bar apt. If it's not a hardware issue, and there's nothing that can be done, why would a genius bar rep replace it?


    I've owned the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and now the 5. Each had their own special "characteristics", but never one as flawed as this, and the worst part is how Apple is positionin the issue and their lack of care. This noise is driving me crazy, and everyone who sees my phone who has not yet bought one, never will. In my opinion, that's the number 1 reason Apple should replace this even if it isn't a "hardware failure", becuase it sounds like garbage, and Andriod users (people who look for any and every reason to scrutinize Apple) jump all over me, and are convincing me and others to go buy a product from a company whose CEO is still alive.


    This is bush-league, when my car has a rattle it gets fixed, but when my over-priced, cheeply produced iPhone has a rattle, it's expected behavior. It's driving me insane, now I understand why there's suicide nets under all the windows at the Apple manufactoring plants in China. In the end, I guess this is what happens with all dictatorships. Once the true leader dies, the force that the country, or company once was, will never be the same.

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    Hi there,


    I have the same issue, let me tell you my story.


    I bought one 32gb white and noticed that had a metallic sound when shaking, took it to the Apple Store and replaced for another one, which did not make the sound but it had some sruffs in the side. I went to another Apple Store and replaced for my current iphone; 15 days ago.


    This new iPhone had the same issue, I shake it and I noticed this metallic sound, and what its worse, every time the phone vibrates, after vibration I hear a "tic". This tic it's not loud enough but if for example I am whatsapping in silence I hear it and if I am in a call and receive a notification I can notice and it is really annoying. This is not acceptable for such a "well manufactured product" of almost 800$.


    I took it yesterday to the genius bar and the opened it; they told me all was OK, and they screw all the parts that seem to be a little bit loose.  They told me that the worng iPhone are those which not rattle. I didn't noticed any sound in the Apple Store so I thaught it was OK.


    When I arrived home I noticed that the sound was there, not as loud as before but still.


    Today I sent an email to Phil Schiller and Tim Cook to ask to recognise this as an issue and replace all the affected vibrators, because this is something that happens in 9 out 10 iphones. Hope theuy read the mail and do something.


    We should send massive mails to make them notice that there is an issue with this, it's not the first time that Apple change defective components in an iPod, Macbook or iPhone so who's in?

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