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    I'm on my 9th and final iPhone 5. Still has a very slight scratch on the back of the phone near the beveled edge, but I can live with it since it's very minor. I'm still annoyed that there is even a little scratch from a unit that I opened in the Apple store, right out of the box, but there isn't a RATTLE on this one, so I'm not taking any chances. The rattling is much more annoying than a minor scratch.


    The only "NORMAL" rattle is if you tap the phone, right by the camera. If you shake it or put it down on a table or move it and it is rattling, that is NOT NORMAL.


    I shook every iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 at three different Apple stores and 98% of the time, they did not RATTLE. Only when tapped on the back could you hear the rattle. I have friends with iPhone 5's and theirs never rattled, only when tapped in the back near the camera, you'd hear a slight rattle. Of course Apple retail customer service reps will tell you otherwise. They don't want to take the product back and if enough people are gullible enough to believe that this "RATTLE" is normal, the more product they sell and the more they can tell the next person that it's "expected product behavior."


    If this were truly normal, then all those iPhone 5's and iPhone 4's at the Apple store that I shook to test, would have the opposite result. (i.e. most of them would rattle and only a few would not)

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    That is incredible. If you don't mind me asking, how did you achieve in getting Apple to exchange the phone 9 times? Was it in an Apple Store or over the phone with Customer Service. I can overlook a scratvh, I'm not expecting perfection. But I can't overlook a waters rain or epoxy from the battery being caked in and around the headphone jack upon arrival to me. That just reeks of sloppiness in my eyes. Apple is replacing my phone for the fourth time. The first had a defective auto-focus out if the box, the second has a quite audible metallic rattle near the earpiece, and the replacement they send me the other day had the watermark/epoxy issues. So tonight I'm placing order number four. I don't feel like I'm being unreasonable. Just give me a phone with no obscene, annoying rattles that doesn't come with an uncommon amount of cosmetic defects right out of the box. Very simple.

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    Before I went out to try and buy an iPhone 5 for the first time, I had heard of a few of the issues people were having. So I decided that just in case I was unlucky enough to get one of these damaged units, it would be better getting it from the store directly and opening it then and there rather than ordering it online and then having to prove that it came out of the box damaged.


    So every time I attempted to buy a phone, I bought it at the Apple store and opened it right there in front of the person that sold it to me.

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    9 times?  Sounds like something out of Ferris Bueller. 

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    You stood at the counter at the Apple Store and opened up nine iPhone 5 boxes?  I salute your commitment, however. I just off the phone with Apple. They're gonna send me a new device tomorrow. I guess that will do. This rattle in the earpiece is driving me insane. I think I'm also gonna call corporate tomorrow and tell them what I think. Can't hurt. The technician on the phone said, "There definitely shouldn't have been anything wrong with the first two phones you received from Verizon, but I still can't send you a new device." I had to bite the bullet and blow my one swap within 14 days because Apple sold me a broken phone, and he's telling me it shouldn't have been broken to begin with. I realize this, sir. He referred me back to Verizon for a new device. Not gonna happen. This is one of those times when I can say Verizon is NOT at fault. It's all you Apple.


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    My last iPhone ever. The only thing Apple has over other smartphones out in the market is the sleek look and feel of an iPhone. iPhone haven't been innovative in a while. My friend just showed me the new multi-application split screen function that's about to come for his S3.

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    Not at the same time. Different times. I started trying to purchase one in September. Tried again in October, again in November, and finally December was the winner.

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    Spoke to soon. Just discovered after owning my phone for 7 days, the battery life is horrible. Draining very fast. Went from 56% to 36% in 30 minutes with very light use. This will definitly be the last iPhone I'll ever own.

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    After nine exchanges to quit now seems even crazier than exchaning the phone nine times to begin with. You paid for the device, right? Provided you aren't sending back the phone for very minor "cosmetic flaws" where you need a jewelers loop to spot the defects, I'd go for return #10. What have you got to lose at this point? You've already invested a lot of time into this.

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    I'm over it. I'm over the iPhone. It'll be my very last one. They'll probably end up fixing the battery drain issue with an OS update.

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    Created an account just so I could post on this topic.


    I've been an Apple holdout for a long time, resisting the products and brand even as almost everyone around me was won over by Apple. I finally made the jump and purchased my first iPhone 5 for this Christmas. I was fairly impressed for the first few days until I noticed the rattle coming from the top right corner of the phone.


    To Apple's credit they offered to replace my phone, but they also ridiculously claimed it was "normal" for the phone to make this rattle noise. What a bald faced lie. It's actually much more probable that they don't want to replace or redesign the faulty camera lens in the iPhone 5 that makes the rattle because of the cost involved.


    I took my phone back to the AT&T store and got the Nokia Lumia 920. I actually like it a lot more than the iPhone 5. For nearly $700 I just cannot accept a faulty product.

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    Welcome to the club, pal. At least you found something that works for you. I've heard from others the 920 is a good phone. But for me, I really like the iPhone 5. Minus this annoying issue of course. I received my second iPhone 5 replacement in the mail today and I'm happy to report it has no rattle. The one I have now, as I previously mentioned, has what sounds like a marble rolling around near the earpiece. I don't know if it's a design flaw as my boss has an iPhone 4 and a family member a 4S that both rattle, just not like the rattle I have. There's is obviously the auto-focus in the camera. Mine sounds like something is physically loose. I'm happy that Apple took care of me in the end, as I genuinly do love the iPhone 5. I've owned the Galaxy S3 and I don't think it holds a candle to the 5. But that's just me. The Galaxy is HUGE. You may as well just carry around a laptop with you. Though I do think it gets an unfair amount of criticism for feeling "cheaply made". That polycarbonate material is pretty tough. The only cosmetic issues on the new phone are some paint chips above the SIM card slot. But I could really care less about such a minor thing. The phone works and has no rattle. Therefore, I'm happy.

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    Hello All,


    Tought i'd share my experience with the rattlegate issue.


    Same rattle than everybody, not the battery beeing loose. Went to the store and genious told me it was normal. While tapping gently on the lower left corner of the screen or upper right back of the device, you can hear it loud and clear. Normal issue to the eyes of the genious.


    Camera focus : close look at something and hold focus which should held the focus into place, still rattles. Hold all buttons, still rattles. Have the phone vibrating, still rattles... Come on Apple, are you joking me. 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S mever rattled on me ... so what now ?


    Called in apple and the tech appologized and made everything possible for replacement at the apple store. Went again and surprise, all phones that the guy opened had the rattle inside ... But wait ...


    How come out of 5 devices in my office, i am the only one having this issue ? Dont know, but they must be lucky .. WHAT ?? yes, and if their device is not rattling it is ratter defective ... REWHAT ?? i remained speachless and called back the applecare representative.


    He states the same but cannot explain why i get the rattle and they dont ... We can exchange but you are most likelly going to receive a device having the same issue ...


    But you said it was not an issue but a ratter normal behaviour ...


    A device at that price should be tight, period. I will be trying till the very last day on my warranty as this is totally unnacceptable. Best of luck to us all.

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    ... Here is what I get

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    Sebastian, I just watched the video. Mine was doing the same exact thing. When I tapped the device on the top left corner near the camera assembley or shook the device I got that same distinctive rattle. I was initially going to suck it up and just grin and bear it, as they're are worse problems the phone could have. But after a few weeks, it seemed to be getting worse, or I was simply noticing if more. It's an annoying issue and it's right next to the earpiece, so when I'm on the phone and walking or moving around I can hear it rattling and it can effect the quality of the call. So I called Apple and they told me because I was within 90 days of purchase they would send me another device. I had to put a hold on my credit card for like $630, but it was worth it. The new one looks great and has little to no rattle. The only rattle you should hear is a slight rattle when you tap the back near the camera. Not from simply shaking the device, setting the phone down, or while typing on the screen. I had all three of those things happening with my last 5. Now it's all good. The downside is they will send you a "renanufactured" device as a replacement. But the phone looks brand new to me (and I'm picky), and the only cosmetic issue was some slight chipping right above the SIM card slot, which I'm sure happened during manufacturing. Apple took care of me. Give them a call. You shouldn't have to deal with that.

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