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Purchased iPhone 4S + Apple Care $99 + AT&T insurance but when I shattered the phone into 8 pieces after 11 months (hit concrete on top corner with Speck case on), Apple said this is not covered and AT&T wants $200 for a refurbished replacement.  What should I have done better to get a replacement for a more reasonable amount?  I'd like to know for the next phone I'll upgrade to in May 2013 when I am eligible.  In meantime, am using 3G with VERY limited ability.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    AppleCare has never covered user caused damage - it provides

    protection against manufacturing defects. I do not know the provisions

    of AT&T insurance so I cannot comment, but you should have been

    given documentation when you signed up for the AT&T insurance or

    find it on the AT&T website.


    Do you have AppleCare or AppleCare+? Provisions are different and

    details are at Apple.com


    $199 US is the price for out of warranty replacement on an iPhone 4S.


    Check with Speck to see if they provide any assistance/coverage for

    using their case.

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    The Apple Care+ being sold now, for the iPhone 5 DOES include two "accident" incidents, though you must pay an additional $49. for each of those events.


    I confirmed that includes drowning the phone or shattering the glass. It must be purchased within 30 days of the the iPhone 5 purchase and a Genius will have to inspect the phone prior to purchase. If puchased at the same time as the iPhone, no inspection is necessary.


    Cost in the U.S. = $99.00 and Apple does label is "Apple Care+."

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    I forgot to mention, for the iPhone 4S, there are many independent repair centers that will repair the shattered phone in <30 minutes. I have three such businesses within 10 miles of my home in NH. Found them with a G web search for iPhone repair.

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    That is not totally true on the DOES part.


    It depends on the extent of the damage.


    A normal shattered glass would be covered under app+


    A phone that has been ran over by a car or a phone that dropped and broke into a bunch of parts would not be covered. That's catastrophic damage and excedes the normal accidental coverage.