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When will we have RAW support in Aperture for images from the Fujifilm cameras X-Pro 1 and X-E1. These cameras use a totally new designed X-trans CMOS sensor with a 6x6 color filter array. This makes the job much more complicated for Apple I assume, but it's been more than 9 months now since the release of the X-Pro 1 so I think it's about time. Switching to a different RAW converter is not the solution I prefer.


Ps. I know the support is in OS X rather than in Aperture.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I also need the Update for my Fuji X-e1 as quickly as possible.

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    You both must be new here ;-)


    The answer is "nobody here knows."  But many have asked.

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    According to an article at Fujirumors today, Fuji is working with Adobe and Apple to make their software compatible with the RAW-files of the X-Trans sensor.


    Billy from the Fuji Guys:

    "They recently signed a non-disclosure agreement with both Adobe and Apple and provided them with specs for supporting the X-Trans sensor! He said he is also pushing strong with Fuji to add support for TIFF in the camera so that could be another good thing for some."


    Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compability Update 4.01 for 11 new cameras just two days ago, but the Fujis were not amongst them. Question is, will it be later or never?