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Hey Everyone,


I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas for us.


We're using Configurator to manage iPads at several school buildings (100-200 iPads per building, approximately). For initial setup, we didn't have any major issues that couldn't be dealt with.


However, we are having troubles with updating apps.


We install a profile on the iPads that prevents the installation of apps. When the iPads are connected to the Configurator Mac, Configurator attempts to update the apps, fails (due to the profile) and won't try again unless we disconnect the iPads, remove the profile manually, and reconnect to initiate the process again.


Ideally, we'd be able to remove the profile via Configurator, then replace the old apps with the updated ones, then put the profile back.


Are we missing something obvious?


If more details are needed, let me know & I should be able to get them!



  • tpieper Level 1 Level 1

    I had the exact same problem and was deleting the profile manually...huge time waste.  Called the Apple support with another problem and they told me when the iPads are synced the last thing they do is put the profiles onto the iPad.


    If your profile you have loaded onto the iPad already doesn't allow downloading apps and such, the profile already being on the iPad won't let you install apps.


    So the solution is to do a double sync.  UNCHECK the profile that is on each iPad and do a quick sync to delete the profile.  Then get all apps ready and such including imagines/restore backup, then check the profile you want back on the iPad and do another sync.


    Worked for me and saved TONS of time.

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    Question - I'm a new user of Configurator.  We have two carts with 30 iPads each with a MacBook Air to connect.  My question is this.  I have already put an initial set of apps on the iPads.  Now I have additional apps to add.  When I connect them to Configurator to add the new apps, do I need to also select the old apps.  In other words, will it delete the apps already on the iPads when it adds the new ones?


    Thanks for your help!

  • tpieper Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, you need to select EVERYTHING you want, ie apps, you would like on each iPad.  If the apps is not checked Configuarator will assume you no longer would like it on the iPad and will delete it during the sync.  If the apps is already installed, it will not need to load it again, it will simple remain on the iPad already...So shorter sync time then when you initially loaded everything. 


    Hope this helps.

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    Actually, it depends on how you set it up.  If you don't have them "supervised," you only have to check the ones you want to install.  That's how I did it because in my situation I prefer flexibility over security.

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    I have a group of supervised ipads with different apps. I want to make them all the same. How can I delete the apps I don't want and leave the apps I do want and have these all load onto the iPads? I figured by unchecking the apps I don't want they would uninstall but that is not the case.