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Just upgraded to iOS 6, Battery life has reduced, appears to only last half a day.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6
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    Sorry I can't offer a solution, but I'd like to join you and also add that all of a sudden last night mine also started acting very oddly with battery life and feels warmer to touch, even though no apps are running.  I've literally watched the battery drop by 2% every other minute WHILST IN AIRPLANE MODE.  Very concerned... :^S  Charged it THREE TIMES TODAY and I've not used it any differently than normal.  Three calls, few texts, bi-hourly email checks.  NO GAMES or FACEBOOK.  Only happened a day after IOS6 upgrade. 

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    Reset and reboot did nothing for me.


    Location services is apparently milking the batt,  two interesting reads...




    i've done all of these and will see if my phone lasts overnight when it finishes charging for the third time today.  It makes no sense if it's being cained in Airplane Mode though, thought that rendered all external access and processing obsolete??


    Keep your eyes on this similar thread too:

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    Same here......I got a 4s three weeks ago, and the battery life was wonderful, but since upgrading to iOS 6, the battery life is terrible.  I've reset the phone to factory settings, have disabled most of the things that I really don't need, yet the battery is draining at a rate of 1% every 3 mins, and the phone also feels warm?

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    Interesting it's affecting 4s' too.  Might be worthwhile setting up a separate topic for 4s users too...  Good luck! 

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    So, I did all rests, reinstalls and turned off all location settings, charged it (took 3-4 hours) from flat FOR THE THIRD TIME, left it in airplane mode.  Woke up about 7 hours later.  TOTALLY DEAD.  Ordering a replacement battery just in case, but I really don't understand this.  :^<

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    Bought a replacement battery, wrecked my phone (connections 3&7) putting it in and ran on AIRPORT ONLY. SAME STORY!!! 



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    mines doing the same just got my phone in august too !

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    got back from america. put my english sim back in, it did the update and deleted all my contacts, and now the battery life is around half a day.

    get to around 28% and turns intself off, then I have to charge it like it has competely shut down.


    Is there any way of getting rid of the new update?

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    mines a 3gs

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    مارس الجنس الخاص بك. عليك أن تنتظر لإصلاح من الكروم، التفاح.

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    Hey dude man, You try can help you

    "update all apps" that need.

    Then remove any apps need not,

    "disable do not disturb",



    iphone feels cooler on back and until wait fix for IOS 6 is here. HOPE

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    hi hello i am using Iphone 3Gs, after upgrading this to ios6 i found my batttery life is poor.

    whether any software update will be released by apple for this issue to be resolved.


    for info: when i was using IOS 5.0.1 the battery life of Iphone 3Gs was superb. but now its totally bad.


    i would be thankful if apple software team address this issue.





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    Having same issue for last several months since upgrading to ios 6 - low battery life and loss all phone contacts even though I backed everything up to itunes.  Turned off Cellular Data and 3gs and that seemed to help decrease battery drain until upgrading to the latest ios 6 fix.  Now cell phone battery lasts longer but the phone keeps powering off by itself when playing games, surfing internet when in Safari, or just trying to access emails that have web links/graphics.  Battery indicator looks fine.  Only way to turn phone back on is to plug it into a power outlet.  While plugged into a power outlet, I can play games, surf internet, etc without the phone shutting off.  Sometimes when phone shuts off like that the back of phone gets really hot but not always.  It has become a real pain.  I am paying for data but cannot use it when out and about for fear that my phone will "die" and I cannot turn it on again to get phone calls/text just b/c I did a Around Me search or some other Cellular Data heavy activity.  I haven't read that anyone is having this problem except the battery life issue.


    I love my 3gs and don't really need all the enhancements that come with the 4 or 5 but it seems I am going to have to shell out $$$ to upgrade to 5 (don't want to have the antenna probs with the 4) unless I can find a fix asap.  Has anyone done what some other forum site contributors recommended?  Resetting to factory defaults after backing up phone or to new device mode?  This is my last recourse I fear before throwing it out.  Unfortunately cannot go back to ios 5.1 since most apps will not run properly except on ios 6.

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    We have the same issues on "poor battery health" on iPhone which I'll be giving you the general status for all iPhones:


    iPhone 3GS - affected and charged power only last over night (12 hours approximately)

    iPhone 4 - not affected

    iPhone 4G - not affected

    iPhone 4S - affected and charged power only last over night (18 hours approximately)

    iPhone 5 - not affected


    I'm currently evaluating the iPad models.


    Note: These results were based on my own and first-hand experiences and observations. Try installing "Batter Doctor" app so you can track your charging habit. The only solution to this issue is to wait for the final iOS 6.1 which hopefully solve this issue. By the way I'm currently using iOS 6.1 beta 3 and noticed a good improvement on the battery health.






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