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    .......and Apple remains conspicuously quiet, pretending not to read these complaints. This issue now persists for almost FIVE months, and 2 updates on iOS 6 didn't help one iota.


    What kind of idiots are running their customer service, if any?


    Shareholders threatened with legal steps so Apple would finally share some of its profits with its shareholders.

    Are the courts the only route to make Apple deliver some kind of support to its customers?

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    I have had same problem and apple have ran diagnostics on my phone and blame me for using apps and leaving them open when after leaving a app i always close it. it has really annoyed me and after this contract is up i will not be buying another iphone. getting treat like a child by apple care is not what i expect

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    Latest update to iOS 6.1.2 states this fix is likely to result in shorter battery life!

    Hello Apple - is there anybody out there???

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    With the new iOS6.1.2 my battery goes from 100% to 30% in just ONE hour with no apps, no activity, no calls at all!!!



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    my phone is unusable without connecting it to the charger

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    How do I unsubscribe from this thread???  Fed up of getting updates from users Apple are letting down...  THEY should sort this out!!!  It's the second ****-up they've done and the evil marketing of forcing customers to upgrade is seaping through and potentially killing their previous high standards and good name.


    But I'm getting tired of reading everyone's problems inmy personal inbox...

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    C O C K is a swear word????????????????  LOL!!!

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    Adding my 2c worth: before upgrading to 6.0 my 3GS battery consistently ended the day at 50-60% charge; it was worse, but tolerable, after the 6.0 upgrade; the 6.1 upgrade caused the battery to drain almost completely in 12 hours of little use; the 6.1.2 upgrade appears to have made a minor improvement, but still won't last a day. I have not changed any settings since 5.x, and don't see why I should -- it's Apple's screw-up so they need to fix it otherwise my next phone's going to be a Samsung.


    Incidentally, my iPad 3 is running the same version of the software, and while its battery consumption appears to have increased since 6.0 (though I don't have accurate metrics for that) it does not degrade as badly, possibly because I tend to plug it in much more frequently, and possibly because it has such a humongous battery in the first place.

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    to unsubscribe you have to log on and click on the left hand side remove from emails. Ive just done it hope the emails stop now, as apple just arnt listening anyway ! moving on to Samsung.

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    3GS battery change yes i am afraid apple is failing badly trying to fix this battery problems they say that there is no problems if they change the battery will charge you £55 the whole situation going to be the downfall of apple I wouldnt buy any apple stuff but my daughter been given one when she was in her sixth form (very nice) now apple say that if the battery been replaced by myself then they will not deal with it so it appears to me that there is something they do before they replace the battery like if the battery in the phone is half charged and the replacement battery is fully charged then you have lost half the power and management will get confused, because people who changed the battery with apple I dont know are they complaining also? if so then we have different scenario, but we are talking about people with iphone 4s and 4gs, and even 5 it is a disaster and people still buying this expensive dont work properly phones due to software/harware/firmware  I think they trying to fix problems with ios 6.0 the situation got even worse IT IS SIMPLE DROP THIS COMPANY.

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    No battery life = no mobile phone, are apple looking for a return to landlines?


    I deleted all my apps and switched off 3g & cellular connection relying solely on home wi-fi - needless to say the result was much the same, a phone which previously lasted two days on one charge will now last half a day if I'm lucky!

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    Based on what other people have stated, I checked my Location Services & Notifications settings.  I discovered that practically all my apps had Location Services enabled; that wasn't the case before upgrading to 6.0. Something in the 6.0 upgrade (which required me to re-authenticate with iCloud) must have changed the settings.


    I disabled Location Service for all apps except those that really needed it: 9 out of 27.  I also disabled Notifications Centre except for the critical apps: Phone, Messages, Calendar, Trademe (eBay equiv.)  Note: removing from Notifications Centre does not affect badges, etc.


    Having done this, my battery consumption has diminished to pre-iOS 6.0 levels.


    The phone has had 1 hour usage + 15 hours standby since the last charge and is currently 80%.


    Seems that Location Services is the culprit. It may be a particular app which is responsible, but I am pretty agressive at killing apps when I am not actively using them, so I suspect it to be iOS itself.

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    Must warn every body that there are lots of ebayers selling batteries saying they are 1600mAH but they could be only stickers on the top of the normal 1220mAH or simply they are 1220mAH but the sellers saying they are 1600  so here is something people have to worry about, but this is just like the horse meat scenario, anyway i think Egmont147 has a good advice regarding ios6.

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    I'm having similar problems with my 3gs. The battery lasts half a day. In the course of a one-hour conversation it's gone from 100% (I had been charging it) to 12% just now. It gets very hot and even with no GPS, no WiFi and no phone calls it will last 10 hours on standby, maximum.


    It also crashes regularly, hangs nearly constantly and behaves strangely when charging. Some applications, camera apps especially, not only eat the battery (five minutes of taking photos today dropped it from about 60% to somewhere closer to 40%) but cause it to seize up completely. When it recovers from these little seizures sometimes as much as 25% of the charge has disappeared, often in only two or three minutes. No wonder it gets so hot!


    I was planning on getting an iPhone 5 eventually but I think I'm just going to make the move to Samsung. Android works better than iOS, as far as I can tell and after reading this thread I'm not expecting Apple to deal with the problem any time soon.


    Pity. I used to love my iPhone. Now it's just a disaster. It's not a mobile phone anymore, it's just a bit of plastic I have to leave plugged in at home.

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    So I'm not the only one - crashes all the time, e.g. using the camera, funny things by the battery (80% - crash - try to restart - 19% - charging at home - after 2 minutes 74% - ???) etc.

    But that doesn't help, does it? Or better why apple doesn't help  - since the problem first showed up about five month ago. And isn't solved yet: updated to 6.1.3 yesterday  - first crash this morning!