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I have a TC bought less than a year ago, with software version 7.6.1. As of right now, I can click on the TC in the Finder to display the internal and external drives which I know are connected, but they never show up. (Mountain Lion on my Macbook Pro BTW). Connected via Wifi successfully all the time.


Likewise the Time Machine process is stuck - shows an exclamation mark in the menu bar.


Solution 1: Reboot, this works for a day or so, then back to the above problem.


Solution 2: I reset the TC from scratch, so back to factory settings, and then set it up again. This worked for a couple of weeks.


So the problem is recurring, and I see someone else in 2009 had the same problem but no solution posted.


Any help appreciated, Bill.

Mac OS X (10.7.3), MB Pro, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, TC
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    It is a very difficult issue..


    It has been ongoing since 7.6 firmware.. the issue hardly happens with 7.5 version.. the trouble is, I doubt your TC can be downgraded to that earlier firmware.


    If you have applecare ring Apple and see if they can suggest a solution..


    I would almost suggest for the moment the only way is a mechanical / electronic timer that reboots the TC at midnight every night. Crude but we were hoping Mountain Lion would fix several outstanding issues between TC and Lion.. it seems to have got worse.. much worse by the number of posts.