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    Mine is worst:


    Usage shows a dash -

    Standby shows a dash -

    Battery left 25%


    I fully charged it like 10:30pm last night.  Turned off everything recommended by others.  Should I change a new phone?

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    Won't change a thing with trading/getting a new phone.  You'll still have the problem OS 6 installed on it.  Sorry man, but your stuck like the rest of us are until an update is released.

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    it is interesting how the battery drain usage varies....

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    use:           5 ours, 25 minutes

    stand by:   7 ours, 30 minutes


    now at 16%


    is this normall for my iphone 5? of i have to wait for the update?

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    I get about 5 hours of use :| Idk if it's the battery itself or iOS 6 or not perfect signal

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    My wife's 4S on iOS5 is the first phone, the second is my iphone 5 on iOS 6.


    Both were charged to 100% last night and taken off the charger where they sat near a STRONG wifi signal.






    Just look at the usage stats.  SOMETHING IS CLEARLY WRONG WITH iOS 6 and/or the IPHONE 5.






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    I really do not know what's going on... My iphone 5, I just checked, I have charged it to 100% and unplugged it at 10pm, After that time I have not touched the phone. At 6am it showed usage 18 mins and standby 8 hrs and the battery was at 97%. Is that normal as I saw comments saying after 12hrs just standby they got still 100%???

    My last cycle was as following:


    Usage : 5hrs 20mins

    Standby: 22 hrs 22mins  Cell Data: ON


    I consider myself a standard user, during that period I did I guess 20 texts, 30mins calls, browsing, fb and 30mins of gaming.  By the way, everything was ON such as locations, push mail, the standard settings that are set...


    Are these stats normal to you people? I would appreciate if you give me you opinion about the result above.

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    I'm curious how this compares to other phones? A friend bought a samsung a while back and said he was barely able to get through the day (what he said was normal use ???) without a charge also.


    I wonder if LTE requires more/less/same power as other formats?

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    I just saw this other similar thread - if you are interested....


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    here's a buddies pic with a 4s - IOS 6 he said location services and push - OFF and verizon 3g plan


    at 1% he had:


    usage 5 HR 43 min

    standyby 1 day 3 hr


    ... so I guess that's pretty good for his numbers

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    Same here for many guys in HK !

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    Chris is getting info from DataWiz... has anyone else tried it?



    Chris Bruya

    To add even more weirdness to the iOS 6 battery drain *and* data usage discussion:


    I've made many of the suggested changes (both here and on Apple Discussions) to my phone's settings to try and dial down the data usage in an effort to increase battery life. That has been only marginally successful. After a day of using my 1-week-old iPhone 4S to make a few calls, send a few texts, access a few sites, it is down near 20%. And this is with cellular data turned off, only WiFi on, since I am near my monthly limit. With my old iPhone 4 and 2.5 year old battery I could go 2 *days* with this kind of use before charging.

    In an attempt to track data use and get a handle on what was happening, I installed DataWiz. I'm finding that during the night, when my phone is charging and should be doing nothing, there are huge data transfers going on. Just last night DataWiz shows that each hour my phone averaged between 9 MB and 11MB data coming in! From midnight to 8am, every hour! None of this was email, there were no new ones. This is really baffling. What could be happening? Is this why so many are going over on their data plans without trying? Is this why battery life is so bad? During the day yesterday I didn't see this kind of data use, only at night and for the last couple of nights.




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    The battery life on the iPhone 5 is not as good as the 4S or the 3Gs (my two previous phones). The usage time seems nearly as good but the standby time is definitely not good. I've only had it for a week now and at first thought it was generally comparable. The 4S could make it 2 days of general use if I was careful but I don't this the 5S could do the same. I went to bed at around 11:00 PM last night with 44% and I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM and the indicator was red with just 19%. By 10:30 AM, having only checked the checked the weather, a bit of email, and 1 text message, I was down to 11%. Yesterday, I tried switching off LTE but because 3g and LTE are on the same chip I doubted switching off LTE would make a difference. By my estimates it didn't make a difference. I can only hope Apple releases an update on this. I usually recharge my iphone every day anyway but I had hoped for more actual standby time. Apple has probably extimated standby-time of 225 hours in Airplane mode. No way 225 hrs possible with celular turned on.

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    Mine is worst:


    Usage shows a dash -

    Standby shows a dash -


    Interesting, mine was showing useage until today. I checked my usage/standay today, and got hyphens like you.