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    Obviously there is a huge discrepancy here.  Some people seem to have great battery performance and others horendous.  See some of the other threads.  I had to exchange my phone for terrible battery life.  We'll see if that makes a difference.




    Screen shot below was one of my longest lasting charges before exchanging the phone.  Apple has a flexible definition of "usage" vs "standby" because I really wasn't using it that much.  I was at work and just picking it up occasionally to check emails etc.



  • brsm1990 Level 1 (35 points)

    So I swapped my phone and the battery drain problem is still there.  From 7.30 PM (when I unplugged it with a full charge) to about midnight it drained to 33% with really quite light use.  Just some emails and texts, no calls.  Overnight it drained to nothing. 


    This is either a software problem or there is a huge batch of defective batteries in the US and Singapore (at least) and they have done nothing to take the bad batteries off the market.

    I tend to think it's software though because besides the fact that the battery drains quickly the phone is always hot as if something is really taxing the CPU even whent he phone is doing nothinng


    I have all my notifications and location services set to a minimum.  I don't run apps in the background.  I haven't done much with this phone at all and it never lasts through a single work day (not the old one or the new replacement).  I never do gaming. 


    All of that said because its' only happening to some people it must be an app... but which one? 

    The battery life is just atrocious on two phones now.  Apple: Acknowledge and fix!

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    If I stay within wifi range I can get the usage.and stand by times of the poster with the screenshots showing around 9 hours usage over two days. But if I'm out of range, like I am most of the time during weekdays, I see the battery gauge deplete at around 4% per hour without using at all. Faster if I use it. I think it might be worthwhile noting that I am on the TELUS network. I've tried shutting off the LTE but that doesn't seen to help. I wish I knew just how widespread this is. I don't think is the apps in background. If it was then I would see activity on my router and my battery would deplete the same even on wifi. I think it's the modem chip and possibly how the cell towers are connecting to it.


    This iPhone 5 gets warm doing ordinary things. My 4s would get warm only when using maps or when I was near the edge of the carrier coverage or when I used the camera for an extended time. Those activities would drain the battery pretty quickly too, like the 5. But the 5 gets warm just browsing the web and talking on the phone a bit. It's noticeably warmer when it charges too, so I think the battery drain is real rather than some that have suggested that some iPhones might have weak batteries. Too many variables to consider. I'm going to measure exactly how much the iPhone depletes tonight with wifi on and the iPhone idle and then compare with the router shut off the next night. My iPhone shows full bars when I'm at home so it shouldn't be struggling with the cell towers.

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    I also had about 5 hour battery life on my new iPhone5 (received at AT&T store on 11/5) - until I installed the iOS software update 6.0.1  After installing the software update early yesterday morning, I now seem to be getting about 20 hours on a charge.


    After updating iOS at 8:00 am yesterday (just after fully charging), I had my iPhone on continuously - listening to music (over the speaker - which should drain more than iBuds) and making some phone calls, and downloading some iTunes over wifi - until 11 pm. Then I shut iPhone off completely until 8:00 am this morning. Turned it on and had 33% battery left (same as when shut off). Obviously, battery drain was an operating system software problem, that now seems to be fixed.


    Oddly, the battery problem fix doesn't seem to be mentioned in Apple's list of bug fixes for 6.0.1. I wonder if there are two versions of 6.0.1 - an earlier version that didn't address the battery problem (per some comments right after 6.0.1 first came out), and yesterday's version which does indeed fix it.  FYI, my iPhone didn't heat up and I didn't turn off LTE or anything else. Whatever 6.0.1 did, I'm now a happy camper. 

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    For me, this combination of steps seems to be the cure for excessive battery charge consumption:


    1. Download iOS update 6.0.1 (10A525)

        via: Settings->General->Software Update


    2. Turn off automatic Diagnostic & Usage reporting

        via: Settings->General->About->Diagnostics & Usage


    Before doing these steps, I got only 5-6 hours per charge. After doing them, I get a bit over 20 hours per charge with moderate activity of many types - phoning, email, web surfing, music listening, etc..


    Hopefully these two steps will work for others also, to solve the battery drain problem.

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    Ok... so i guess some are having problems with battery drainning over stanby, which would indicate your battery may be faulty, but others who do not have a standby problem but claim their batteries drain too fast on usage, i think may be expecting unrealistic battery specs.  I know apple advertises certain hours, but remember, they advertise all the usage times as Up To a specified amount of time.  Up to 8 hours talk, up to 40 hours playback, and up to 10 hours browsing on LTE.


    With my iphone 5, I did not have a battery drainning issue during stand by, but saw my phone drop 1% every 3- minutes while browsing or whatever function while phone is on ( not in standby )  I felt like my battery wasnt up to par and did all the restore, resets, etc...  Same thing, so i decided to go to a few apple stores and took the time to compare and play with the iphone 5's they have on display.  I compare my phone to a total of 6 differnt ihone 5's and all of them drain battery the same during usage.  On WIFI in the store, browsing the net, all the ip5's drained the 1% every 3- minutes while using so I guess that is the standard rate the batter will drop while in use.  Stanby is another story, I had  plenty of battery drainnage on my 4s but my 5 seems pretty good on stand by.


    Hopefully this could put a few at ease that are worried about the battery drainning while in use, I think its normal, I dont think all 5 iphones i played with are all defected.  The way apple does its test for the battery specs are compleytey different from our everyday use, so i dont think anyone with moderate use should really expect those same hours on their phones.  I almost exchanged my phone as well, but i thought expermenting with a few diplay phones would be better.  AS long as the phone can last me a day with moderate use, text, calls, light browsing, music,,, i am ok... Do we actually need the 225 hours standby.  I think if the phone can last  days on standby, that is more than efficient.

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    the battery in my iphone5 is really poor. i start the day with 100% at 7.00am and by 2.00pm everyday its flat. in that time i have about 45-60 min talk time and i continually turn off apps to try to increase my talk time. i dont know if this is normal

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    My iphone 5 battery doesnt last at all what do i do????????? i charged it on 100 percent at 7 this morning its now 12 pm and its on 60!!!

  • Kuits4 Level 1 (0 points)

    same here!!

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    the battery *****.. apple should never have given out the iphone 5 with such a terrible battery. 

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    Thanks everyone for posting ... at least I know the problem is not just mine.  I've exchange mine once already; now trying to decide whether to try that again or just return it. 

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    I'm going to be honnest, my battery life *****. I went into the movie the hobbit this weekend with 100%, I had charged it on the way there, and came out and had 3%. There was 4G and 5 bars in the theater so no roaming, and during this movie I had recieved a total of 3 notification all which were text to, so it had absolutly NO good reason at all to had used much battery at all.

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    From my experience, the iPhone 5 battery life is nowhere as bad as a lot of posts on the internet would have you believe.  Frankly, it's no different than my iPhone 4 and maybe even a little better. 


    The key is turning off unused apps, having the screen off unless you're using it.  I still use push e-mail, LTE (admittedly I'm in a strong major city downtown) and after all day (not a lot of calls -- maybe 10 or 15 minutes), but after all day, it's still at 72%.


    It can very quickly run itself out of battery if you have all apps on and aren't shutting them down, but really -- it's no worse than the iPhone 4, which wasn't legendary, but adequate.  For those coming from Blackberries, yes, it means you have to plug in every night.

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    My battery life terrible on 6.0.2 I even had it in airplane mode overnight for 12 hours still drained about 45% Apple has screw up on this update.

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    I have 6.0.2 and the phone left charge at 9:00AM, and it's still at 68%.  I'm going to assume you've turned off all unnecessary apps, and don't have the location services icon running.  I have only two bars on LTE, so the phone is struggling to get signal, but it doesn't seem to be adversely affecting battery.  Bluetooth is on, and it was hooked into my car for about 40 minutes.  Airplane mode -- I had an iPhone 4, which I found had similar battery capacity, on airplane mode and it just sipped battery.


    However, if you have apps running in background, even in airplane mode, the apps will kill the battery.