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    After way too much time and effort, I finally have a phone that seems to work well.  This string of "fixes" included exchanging the device twice.  The third device was activated as a "new phone" and not from any backup.  As I saw that the battery on this phone was holding, I added apps, etc.  However, the antenna was diagnosed as bad and the phone was again replaced.  This forth phone was activated from my itune backup; the battery and wifi works well.  BUT, with this last phone, my pc didn't recognize it although it did acknowledge there was an apple device attached.  That solution ended up being a total uninstall on my pc of all Apple software and reinstall.  As of now, it seems, the phone is working perfectly.

    This conversion from iphone 4 to 5 started Dec 18th and today, Jan 3rd, it's done ... hopefully nothing bad shows up.

  • JimRothgeb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Battery life is perfect now.  Still having the sort of experience one would want and expect. 

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    Why do you guys have such worsen battery life on 5??


    I bought mine half a year ago, and every time I charge it at 21-25% . I do a complete cycle once a month.

    On average at 21% battery life

    / I can get 6- 7 hours of usage

    / and 17-18 standby time .

    With at least 2 hours of dramas

    1 hour of messages and the rest are surfing, Fb,calling and all others


    If only someone can tell me how to post photos up.

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    Hi,  I have upgraded from a very efficient 3G battery life to a short-span 5 battery life - is everyone else suffering the same?  It barely lasts for 24 hours with minimal use!!!  Not good for Apple!!!  And, not good for me either!!!!!

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    After doing multiple restore and lot of play i was able to narrow my heating and battery drain problem to calender sync with outlook.

    Turn off calender sync under exchange acount and my battery is back to normal usage and phone doesn't heat any more.

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    My usage stats are as followed:


    At 31%:

    usage: 4 hours and 32 minutes


    standby: 1 day and 11 hours


    I've been playing Minecraft on it for a while. I close all of my apps, but I think the most important thing is dimming the display.

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    i have the same issues... finally an external clip in battery solution is available from

    it gets me about 70% charge... a nice top up to get me through the day.

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    I would question the usage stats on the iphone 5.

    My battery life is terrible : I can't get through a working day without having to try and find a power source somewhere.


    My battery is at 13% and the stats say


    Usage: 2 Hours, 19 Minutes, but my recent call list only 3 calls between 12:00 and 12:23. I have not used the phone for anything else.


    Standby since last full charge is 14 hours, 47 minutes. That was at 2:30 am. I unplugged the phone from the charger at around 7:40 am. So there is 5 hours and 10 minutes missung somewhere.


    I look forward to the ios7 release notes. Hopefullyy this will be fixed, otherwise I will have to find a different business phone.

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    i am hoping for iOS7 as well but not holding my breath... ended up buying 3 Ronin external batteries to get me through the day. come on apple ***

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    Much better than the hopeless iPhone 4 ever was! Goes 2 days on a charge. Almost back to the standard of the 3S

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    Yes, on Sunday I purchased my 1st Iphone 5 S 32g( since the iphone was known of the their good battery life) I have to say I'm very disappointed. Every time i touched my phone i lost at lease 1% of battery life for simple things like checking my message. I have  completed all the steps that can be done to help  improved my battery life but unfortunantly that doesn't help. I don't know if I got a faulty iphone ? I'm think switching back to Android device. Because at least for the 1st 6 months you  get better battery life than this.

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    I am very dissapointed in the battery life of my I phone 5. I bought it 1 year and 2 month ago and the battery power got worse and worse, but  since 2 weeks it is so bad that I can't even use my GPS more than 2 hours and it is down to 7%, I am not listening to music anymore at the same time since I am afraid it will drain it even more. Today I only used it for 3 phone calls checking e mails and looking at my Calendar and by noon it was down to 50% already.

    1 month ago I read in one of these chats that recommended to close a lot of different functions to improve the battery life. I did all of that but it has not really helped.

    I feel so ripped off since I bought a unlocked I phone for over 900$ and when I went to a Genius appointment today they offered me a new battery but I have to pay $76 for it ( since I am 2 month out of garantie) and he had to advice me that it might not work and the phone will be broken and then I have to buy a new one for only $280. I thought I did not hear right....... My friend has a 2 year old Samsung and he can run his GPS for hours and he does not have to charge it until late at night after a full day using the phone.

    I have had a I phone 3 before this one for many years and never had this problem. How can that be that the batteries have gotten worse??????

    Does anybody have a recommendation what to do? Today I walked out of the store since I did not have the time to wait for 40 minutes for them to replace the battery.



    This is just not right, I will not recommend anymore to get an I phone.

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    Apple flat out lied about the iphone 5 and battery life, there should be a lawsuite against them..

  • ioanissima Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree. And they are so arrogant! It probably cost the $3 a new battery but they prefer to let us bleed.

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