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i would like to know how much do a 16gb hold on an iphone 5 because i am getting one soon , and i am a person who like to take pictures , buying apps,and listening to music and i would like to know how much it holds can anyone tell me please

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • Allan Eckert Level 8 Level 8 (47,975 points)

    So much depends on exactly what you do and what kind music and photos you like because they all take different amounts of space.


    My recommendation is to buy as large of an amount on memory as you can afford. It is not upgradable.



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    You will have about 13 GB of available memory. When you sync things in iTunes, there will be a graph at the bottom of the summary page that shows how much memory the music, apps, pictures, etc. take up. Movies take more space then regular pictures. You can download pictures regularly to your computer to free space and to make sure they are safe. Apps don't take too much space. I have 411 songs on my phone which is about 20 hours worth of music. I only have a few apps and only 2 pictures right now and I still have 9 GB free. So, you can see that you can have a lot of information on your phone.

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    My recommendation is to buy the iphone, now we can make use of free cloud systems where we can put our documents, photos and music.

    eg skydrive, dropbox, google drive, and for music, I use a good one called mSpot gives you 5GB free so you can have too much music, in fact I have no music on my iphone all in the cloud

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    16GB's = 14.8 binary gigabytes, minus what the OS occupies, = 13.6GB's of whatever you want to add.