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I want to create a new iCalendar for a friend. I have done File --> New Calendar and File --> New Calendar Group but a blank calendar does not appear. My calendar remains on the screen. I click on my Home and Work and then my friend's calendar but my calendar, not a new one, remains on the screen.  In other words, I want the other calendar to be on my computer but I want to be able to bring it up sparaately from my calendar.  How do I get a new calendar to come up?

Also, my friend has a MacBook Pro and I will want to transfer the calendar to her when it is made. How do I do this?


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    In iCal, you select on the left sidebar which calendars you want to be visible. You create a new calendar the way yoou describe it (File>New Calendar) and then in the left sidebar you make sure that this new calendar is the only one that has the checkbox checked. Then this calendar is the only one visible.


    When you want to transfer this calendar to your friend, choose File> export calendar. This will create an .ics file which you can send to your friend by email, dropbox etc. Your frien then just dobbelclick on the .ics file, and the calendar will be saved in iCal.

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    This doesn't seem to work.  I created the new calendar and have just the new one selected.  When I try and enter a new event it automatically checks both calendars and enters the event on both. How do you keep them independent?


    Calendar version is 6.0.