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I have just set up a fresh copy of iTunes on a new laptop. Went thru the first sync process I read about. But .. the iPad has all of the prior PDFs on it (none copied to iTunes) and I can not sync ANY new PDFs from the new iTunes/laptop to the iPad. I ave been reading a lot on the net but all I see is frustration with iPad sync problems with PDFs..  Any ideas

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    If you have installed iBooks on your iPad, you can read the pdfs in iBooks. Drag & drop the pdfs onto the iTunes app on your computer and they will be stored in the iTunes content library with books. To sync the pdfs to the iPad, highlight the iPad in the iTunes Devices list and go to the Books pane. Check the boxes for the pdfs that you wish to sync to the iPad and Appy.

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    My post which was essentialyy the same as this has mysteriously disappeared after about 15 minutes .. so let me ask here..  I did (actually redid) everything that you sadi to do - except the new books I added to the iTunes library do not show in the specific iPads book list. All of the PDFs already on my iPad are listed there and checked. Still no syncing of new PDFs.