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Today, I upgraded my ipod touch 4 gen to IOS 6.


I just tried to save my settings under Safari, and I get an error message, "https://www.google.com Sorry, we failed to save your settings. Try again later."

I tried most of the evening, and still the same error message...


I've tried to "Google" the error message, there is NO match, lots of other stuff, but no match to my error message.



iPod touch, iOS 6, gen 4
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    I had this problem too, I fixed it by going to:


    Settings -> safari -> advanced -> website data -> remove all website data.


    After that I was allowed to make changes to my google setting, ie not saving search history etc. (note it took like 10 seconds for google to actually save the settings :/ )


    Hope this helps!

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    Mor info on this issue, I can't disable the "Search History" (ie: check "Do not save searches") IF I try I get the error message...


    I seem to be able to disable the rest of the stuff, without the Search History checked "do not save searches" and save without the error.


    If I try to check only "do not save searches" it will give me the error.


    There must be something in IOS6 that I checked in someother place on my device that is causing my issue.


    BTW there is no option to "remove all website data" on my device, it just show a "grayed out" "0 bytes" beside the "term" Website Data.


    Thanks for helping me.