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After about an hour with a very helpful support tech, we discovered that it is IMOSSIBLE to copy a GarageBand (.band) file from an iPad to an iPod using Itunes for Windows. The problem is that Windows sees the data as a "folder," but GarageBand will only import it as a "file."  It works fine on a Mac. I hope this saves some people some time and frustration.

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 6
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    You can download a freeware file converter and convert the file from wav or mp4 to an mp3

    file and then Windows should be able to play it.

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    I came up with this work-around to copy iPad / GarageBand audio files into my PC (Mixcraft 6) doing this:


    1.  Record your song using MIDI or Audio. 


    2.  "Merge" each individual MIDI track, which will create an audio version


    3. Close/Save the song


    4. On iPad, click Edit / Share / iTunes


    5. Connect iPad to PC, open iTunes, click on Devices / iPad / Apps / GarageBand


    6.  Select the song (it will be a folder), and at the bottom of the screen click "Save to..." and save the folder to the Desktop or wherever.


    7. Locate folder on the PC, open it and then open the "Media" folder.


    8. All the audio files will be there in the .aif format.  The file names will be the original GB names; rename them if you like. The converted MIDI tracks will be labeled "Merged Track (1,2,3, etc)."  Play the tracks to identify what instruments are on those tracks, and rename them.


    9.  Copy each track and paste it to an open audio track in Mixcraft 6.


    This will probably work with any recording program that supports .aif files.


    YMMV, good luck, it's working for me!