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my computer recently crashed and i lost all of my photos that were saved on my computer. fortunately i have them all saved on my photo ipod. i was just wondering how to get photos off of my ipod and back onto my computer. thanks!

HP, Windows XP Pro
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    That is a link to get your songs back, in case you lost those too.

    As for your pictures, this may or may not work, but it's worth a shot.
    Also, unless you put the full picture onto the iPod (there is a setting to only put what would be viewable on the ipod onto the ipod), they may turn out smaller.

    1. Open iTunes, open Preferences (in the Edit menu). This will stop iTunes from seeing the iPod, so it won't try to update it. You can see the above link for more inforation about that.
    2. Open the iPod in My Computer. (may show up as a removable disk or as the name of your iPod, funess' iPd, for example.
    This is where I become unsure of how this will work
    Try finding the photos in the iPod's folder that you just opened. See if you can drag them to another place on your computer. That may or may not work, but it's worth a shot, in my opinion

    I hope this helps!
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    unfortunately it didn't work when i tried it. i clicked on the photo folder but no pictures showed up. i know that they are there though because i can view them on my ipod. thanks for trying!
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    I'm sorry I couln't help.
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    this won't help you know, but it will prepare you for future events. If you have an ipod with a lot of memory on it, enable disk use and save a copy of your photos directly to it. Do this with your songs and all. Go into C:\ and get a copy of your itunes playlist and save it to you ipod. Then either uninstall itunes off of your computer, or go to a computer without itune on it. place cd in computer slot, and install itunes on yur ipod. open itunes and organize your library with pictures and songs on your ipod. Don't do this if you haven't got the pictures of your ipod unless you give up on them or find a copy of them somewhere else.
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    also, if it was your hard drive, you can pay someone to try and recove what was on it. It'll cost a good bit of cash but...