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Hi all –

Currently printing with my LSW Select 360 out of my Powerbook running OS 10.6.8. The set-up is LSW connected to my G5 tower running OS 10.5.8, which is connected to an Airport Extreme – and then to the Powerbook. Just turn on the printer and wake up the G5 from it's permanent slumber and it works great.


Here's the question, I'm considering upgrading to Lion but am concerned I'll lose the ability to print from my LSW. Will my Powerbook be able to communicate to the 10.5.8 G5 via Airport so I can print?



2.53 GHZ Intel Core i5, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5
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    The short answer is yes, if you are using your G5 as a print server it will continue to work.


    ... my Powerbook running OS 10.6.8.


    Please clear up my confusion about this though - a Powerbook can't run Snow Leopard. Did you mean a MacBook?


    If your G5's only task is to act as a print server - in other words, your LaserWriter must be connected directly to the G5 for it to print - you can relieve it from that duty easily enough.


    This USB to parallel adapter cable will work, I have tried it myself with your printer:




    Plug it in and it works. Read this old thread for more: USB to Parallel Cable for LW Select 360?


    Since you would like to print from a portable, a wireless print server is an ideal solution. These are becoming hard to find with a parallel port, but this one should work:




    I have a similar one, tried it with your LaserWriter and it works too.


    These solutions mean you will also be able to retire your AsanteTalk bridge.


    Here is another old thread good for some more details:


    Laserwriter Pro 630, Mountain Lion, and Macbook Pro


    The only disadvantages I have been able to determine while either the USB to parallel adapter cable, or the print server, is that high level bidirectional communication does not work. The manifestation of this is that the printer will not be able to tell the computer that it is out of paper or that it has a paper jam, for instance. However, the print server and cable are both intelligent enough to know when the printer is ready to accept the job, or not. In other words, basic printing functions will be fine, but the printer will lose its ability to communicate things like a page count, or that its toner is getting low.

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    Thanks John. I haven't tried disconnecting from the G5, but I'll give that a shot. Seems like such a shame. I've had that tower for so long and it was such a great "old faithful".


    I don't do a  lot of printing from the LSW 360, but it keeps on working and I'm not one of those to discard old equipment if I can still use it.


    My concern was that I had read (somewhere) that there would be issues upgrading past 10.68 to the new operating system. Seems whenever I ask someone at the Apple store about an issue with this printer (that may be as old as them), they just look at me blankly.


    And yes, I am using a MacBook. : )


    Thanks again. Sandra

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    The LaserWriter Select Pro 360 listed for about $7000 back then. That's easily over 10,000 in today's dollars. I think it's worth keeping.


    The only obstacle you will encounter upon upgrading past Leopard is the lack of AppleTalk in Snow Leopard and later. The workarounds I posted work for me... tested on both Lion and Mountain Lion, so they'll probably work "for the forseeable future".


    You can still use the G5 as a print server as long as you like too.

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    Wow! $7000! Well, at least it keeps working. I have an Epson color printer where the inks dried up after a month and now I just use it as a scanner.


    Thanks again John. You've helped me previously with the LSW, so I knew I could get an answer to my question on the Forums. I meant to check your name as "solved my question", but I inadvertently gave myself credit. Oops!

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    Glad to help.


    I thought you sounded familiar. Here is your old post:


    LSW 360 won't print via Airport extreme?


    Since then I sold my AppleTalk equipment but with these workarounds all my old printers work fine


    There is no reason to retire them. With Printopia, I can even print to my LaserWriter from an iPad.