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I recently called Apple last week on September 21st, 2012 to ask if they could help me with my wifi problem on my iPhone 4s and the guy that I talked to said they should be rolling out an update soon fixing the wi-fi problem.  Can anyone else confirm that they've heard the same thing?


I can connect to my wifi where I work which is strange.


The problem I am having is that I cannot connect to my home network, I've tried switching different types of encryption and turning encryption completly off but my iPhone still does not connect after updating to iOS 6.  I tried switching HTTP Proxy on Auto and almost everything else I could find on the internet including resetting my network settings on my iphone and rebooting.  That still did not fix the problem.


My girlfriend has and iPad 3 the newest one out, and it too cannot connect to our home wifi network after the iOS 6 update.


Frustrating considering my iPhone isn't even a year old or my girlfriend's iPad.  Hopefully Apple will come out with a fix soon, anyone else with these problems please comment.

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    I'm having the exact same problem with my iphone 4s and my wifes iphone 4s. After IOS 6 update we cannot connect to our home network. I can connect to my two networks at work, one is secure and another is insecured. I get the message unable to connect. They were both working fine on our network before the update. I've tried reseting network settings, changing http proxy to auto, resetting my router, toggleing wifi button on and off and about ten other things suggested on different message boards. This is very frustrating and would hope Apple will adress this issue very quickly.

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    Hi.. I have problems staying connected to my home wifi network. I downloaded iOS 6 and after some tweaking managed to get it to connect but it drops the signal after the phone goes into to batt saver mode.. Then I have to connect again put in the password again etc..

    I went to the apple store in lakeside, Essex, after booking an appointment I got to sit at the Genius Bar and they confirmed I have a problem and gave me a new phone! I restored / backed up in store and when I got home it found my wifi I connected and it stayed connected until I went to bed.. Then when I checked it in morning it had dropped the signal again.... Grrrrr.. So frustrating.. Seems apple are proper in denial about this problem and I guess / hope that the next update will have a fix for this..

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    Thanks for posting Tewade01,


    I'm at work right now confirming how easily my iPhone 4s connects to the wifi here at work. 


    Very, very frustrating that this problem is intermittent and only seems to happen on certain routers.  The thing that ****** me off the most is I have no idea if Apple is going to fix this problem with a software update or if we just have to live with our half-working devices now?


    Hopefully that guy at Apple that I talked with is correct and they will be rolling out an update soon.