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  • im_antony Level 1 Level 1

    Jo, that would be great if you could give me those details, if you need my email rather than post them on here then that's fine. Thanks for all your help

  • 1973Jo Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, it's a work email for an EE employee so I don't think it matters too much being posted here- has been really helpful and sorted it all out for me to end my contract. I hope this helps- good luck, it's a bad situation this glitch has left people in- hope you get a result;) jo

  • im_antony Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks so much for all your help. Will let everyone know how I get on, cheers!

  • Dilbert45 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Jo, I've mentioned on here a few times release 6.1 of ios does appear to fix the loss of signal that doesn't automatically return problem. Lets hope it gets officially released soon. I've been using it a while now

    And I've not had the problem since. So I think you were right ios problem not hardware or carrier.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    If you look back at my posts you will see I was not a happy bunny. A phone should be a phone first before anything else. I was with orange/ee on my iphone 5 with this problem. I decided to fully convert to EE on their cheapest 500mb per month tariff. I was able to switch as I only signed up to the contract in November.


    The issue has now completely disappeared. My iphone now reconnects within 30 secs of being in a no service dead spot. Just like my very first Nokia did. Just like a phone should do!!!!!  Like I have said before. I know this is now working coz I have a dead spot to play with at work. Every time it reconnects. Hoorayy!!!


    So my opinion is that it has nothing to do with software. It is either to do with the network you are on or the sim (and what it changes) within the phone.


    I bought my iphone5 on 9th November 2012. Numerous phone calls and hours of frustration and finally it works. I consider Apple to be the most arrogant company I have ever dealt with. Although I am stuck with the iPhone for a 2 year contract. I will never get an iPhone again. It's so fragile. One tiny change and the phone may not work. I am scared to upgrade to ios in the future in case that changes something on what clearly is a buggy phone.


    See here starting-to-get-annoying/


    Apple......, Crapple!

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    Hold on there, "nothing to do with software"?


    I think that service providers should not claim to support a unit which is clearly not compatible with their network. However, a phone that needs manual user input to reconnect after signal-loss is, without a doubt, suffering from software problems. I can barely rember a time when I had to choose neither provider nor network on a phone, this is the first phone I've owned that cannot automatically reconnect over 3G

  • carlo-q Level 1 Level 1

    my iphone 5 as well as go from 3 bars to no service with ease and then stay asleep for several minutes and sometimes moving car is in no service in even below the antenna.

    I also have the impression that when the phone is connected to the computer's USB goes to no service even more

  • Dilbert45 Level 1 Level 1

    Completely agree with you. I'd say 100% software at fault. The problem o cuts with ios 6.0.x and is fixed in 6.1. I'd say that's a fair indication it's a software fault!


    I'm on three. Same iPhone 5, no change of Sim. So only change for me is the ios 6.1 beta 4 I'm running.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    my software has not changed. Im running 6.0.2


    I have a orange/tmobile/ee card in the iphone 5 I power my phone up connecting to the orange/tmobile/ee and I get the problem. I take that sim out and replace it with an ee sim card so I am on the ee network pure, and I dont have the problem.


    Still ios 6.0.2  Same ee carrier settings 13.2.


    The sim is affecting how the phone behaves. Or the network affects how the phone behaves. Same software tho.

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    My point, clearly service providers are selling us contracts that are not compatible with the product they are pushing, meanwhile, Apple are selling us units that, apparently, cannot handle the task of finding all types of networks and simply stops connecting. Not being a phone any more but an overpriced camera/media-player

  • ArthurDaily Level 1 Level 1

    I'm one of the oridgnals in this thread,

    I'm 99% sure it's software and how it handles reconnecting.


    I'm on 3uk (three) with that Ive ONLY got 3G,

    No EDGE or LTE.

    So in a bad 3G area where other phones on other networks may drop to edge and

    Back to 3G without a problem (sometimes to much switching if some reports are true),

    mine can only go from 3G to no service.

    That's when this fault kicks in.


    Im sure it's reconnecting to 3G where the main problem lies.

    If it could reconnect to edge 1st, I think the phone has no problem switching from

    Edge to 3G once it's got a signal already (& then onto LTE).


    Some reports I'm reading is its fixed in 6.1.0. (not 6.0.1 or the current 6.0.2) but untill

    I see someone on my network with 6.1.0 saying its fixed I'll be truly happy.

  • Dilbert45 Level 1 Level 1

    Your lucky day. I'm on Three and running 6.1. It's fixed. Haven't had the original problem we suffered from for over a month running with the new beta software. :-)

  • JRMH-Perth Level 1 Level 1

    I am an EE business customer and the issue persists.  The only way round the problem is to switch off LTE off, and then it works fine.   I think that until version 6.1 is published this problem will persist.  I suggest using the LTE workaround, until 6.1 is releasesd.  If there is still an isse after this release , then it will be time to switch network.  We are currently sitting on version 6.02, which is below the beta verion 6.1 that has been well reported to fix the problem.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    Yep. I couldn't agree more. My findings certainly support what you are saying. The networks know. Apple knows.


  • Rfkhalifa Level 1 Level 1



    THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED ( at least for now)...


    THE ISSUE IS THE CHIP, ask your service provider to replace it, the signal is very good, the 3g speed is double my iphone 4 (same network, same spot) the ping is very strong as well.







    Take care all.

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