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Digglar Level 1 (0 points)

No chapter list in podcast.

When I listen to music and press fast forward it would go the next chapter of the podcast but now it seems it goes to the next podcast.


Is there a setting or something I am missing or not aware of?


Very annoying when I download music podcast and cannot move to the next chapter!



iPhone 4, iOS 6
  • Sgr152 Level 1 (0 points)

    Am a subscriber to the Economist Audio Edition. The podcast consists of around 8hrs of audio in approx. 100 chapters per week. I also was annoyed that in iOS6 you can't just jump a chapter back or forward.


    However for this podcast the chapter names are back since iOS6.


    I did not find a possibility to change jumping from podcasts to chapters... Definitely needs to be fixed.

    iPhone 5

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    @ Sgr152, my economist podcast is all lumped into one file with no chapters and chapter names. How did you get yours to revert to showing chapter names?

  • Tushar Tambay Level 1 (0 points)

    i feel your pain.


    after some messing around with siri, the music app and the podcast app. here's a solution that works (kind-of). i hate it, but i'm a subscriber of the economist too and this is the only way i know to play individual chapters.


    basically if you can get music app -- note NOT the iTunes app and NOT the podcast app, but specifically your music app --, to start playing your podcast then you can see the chapter list inside that podcast.


    the problem is that there is no easy way to launch your music app and point it at your podcast (how dumb is that ?). the work around i've found is to use siri. if you say 'play the economist podcast', siri uses the music app to start playing the podcast. and lo-and-behold, you can see the chapters !


    hope this helps. apple really need to fix this.


    (iphone 5)

  • Mark Egge Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, Tushar, for the solution! When I use Siri to start the podcast, as you suggested, it plays in the Music app, and I can see the chapter list and skip between chapters. How silly of Apple to not add podcast support to its podcast app!

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    Try this:

    1. Delete Podcasts app

    2. Go to Music app

    3. Click the More tab at bottom

    4. Podcasts should show up here. If not, click Edit and see if Podcasts can be added.


    If it doesn't work, try syncing, closing and reopening Music.


    Further, you can find the podcast in iTunes and right-click on it then click on Show in Playlist and you can select to show it in the Podcasts list or in another playlist (you must have already dragged the podcast into this alternative playlist for it to show up as an option). I believe it won't show in both places.

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    this is what i was searching for!! Closing and reopening music did it!


    thank you very much