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where are itunes extras

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    I am having this problem as well, I blights movie the other day, streamed it to Apple TV from MacBook Pro to Apple TV, watched the movie, but when I searched a few days later unable to see the extras, but they were there before in Apple TV. Now no longer there! I next tried to movie the movie tommy desk top to put into my external drive and it created a new file with movie and extras! However, it does. Not stream to Apple TV and the movie will,not copy to iPod classic.

    Would have been easier to buy a DVD and use software to make a copy without these problems.

    Any ideas? I wrote to apple iTunes support so far no answer! iTunes Store needs way better tech support and phone support!

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    All extras are attached into the movie for example Cinderella ... Run the movie then click on extras icon OR ... Go tu my music .. iTunes.. Media ... Select movie then double click on the extras ...Windows path

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    I agree its in there but after viewing the movie I saw it but then it was not visable a second time and so I looked in itunes folder NOT media folder, in itunes where my movies are and didnt see any extras, until I removed the movie to my desk top to then put in external drive, then all of a sudden on desk top a new itunes extras appeared!
    But will not sync either movie to my ipod classic or itunes extra will not stream to apple tv, very bizarre, not going to buy mobvies anymore instead will buy Blue ray. Apple itunes tech support said they could NOT even see my purchase, they are totally incompetent!Frustrated with itunes store.