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  • Fivedonuts Level 1 Level 1

    From reading many replies, it is quite apparent there is a significant issue with the internal speaker system on the IPHONE 5, regardless of the response we receive from any rep at the Apple Store.  I will be carting my own, speaker-deficient phone into the Apple store tomorrow to, most likely, just be issued another one.  I read a post about pushing on the screen near the bottom to coax the speaker to life and it works like a charm.  However, even with the infinite depth of patience I seem to have acquired in the past five decades, I find this problem to be a bit annoying, so off to the Store I go.  Not sure if this is actually a hardware design issue, seems to be from having to actually push on the screen to get it to work, or a software gig.  If it's the latter, then we all will be in luck as it will only be a matter of time before Apple engineers can come up with a fix.  A hardware issue may take a few more exchanges at the Store before they can get the new hardware into circulation.  Bottom line, all is well and if this is the most inconvenient thing I find in my life, I will consider myself to be the luckiest guy on the planet - like I am not already. 

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    Hi there, I have exactly the same problem with my new iPhone5. I think it's hardware problem.

  • tatmarine Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everybody!!


    go to setting / general / cellular  , switch off cellular data / enable 3G , after that wi-fi off .


    make a call , all in order


    now enjoy update iOS 6.1 REALEASED 28 JAN 2013





  • SALawyerAppleAddict Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 5 internal speaker defect.


    You're certainly not alone guys. Of all my apple products throughout the years, this is the first latent defect that I've personally come across.


    I am of the view that it is a design flaw that causes the earpiece (internal speaker) to fail within a few days of use.


    You have consumer rights and there are various forums, entities and small claims courts where you can address any damages that this issue has caused you, I.e. postage costs, traveling expenses, consequential damages etc.


    Don't just let it go.

  • Upat3am Level 1 Level 1

    Same Issue regretting my decison to go to Iphone 5. Problems like this should never have made it out to the buyers.

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    When i go to call somebody and i put the phone of to my ear that speaker i listen to out of i can barely hear anything and when i put it on speaker phone i can hear them but they cant hear a word from me. what is going on and i do not have apple care but could i bring it to the nearest apple store and get it replaced or repaired for free?

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    I have had my iphone for a month, then my microphone stopped working.  No one can hear me except if I go on speaker, bluetooth or earphone.  Can anybody help?

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    Iphone 5, callers can hear me but I can only talk or hear them via external loudspeaker! I did resetings via iCloud and than via iTunes but its still the same, after couple normal calls, again, talking only via loudspeaker!

    On the upper backside of my iPhone I can hear and feel like something is moving, loos inside!?

    Thanks for possible advice!

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    HOld the home button and power button together until the phone restarts itself.

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    It seems that this phones have hardware issues, after four months the internal speaker suddenly stop working, I had to take mine to the cellphone company where I bought it. Don´t know waht´s going to happen.

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    It's happened to my iPhone when I call someone they can't hear me I can't hear them I have tried rebooting my phone the lot still not working please help 

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    Just experienced this problem a couple of days ago. Oddly, the whole 'pressing on the glass on the internal speaker opening worked. We'll see if it holds ... Thanks for your help!

  • wyattmr2 Level 1 Level 1

    Pressing on the screen worked for me as well, its ridiculous, but as its my only source of contact with my clients, its a quick fix.  I will be sending my phone in for repairs 

  • Lingyi Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem on my iPhone5. The internal earphone works again by turning off the cellular data and disconnecting the wifi, and restore to on.

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    Thanks Lingyi.....worked great the first time on my iPhone 5!


    Did the same as you said:

    1. turned off wifi

    2. turned off cellular data

    3. held down home button and power button until iPhone restarted and the sound was back