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My iPhone 5 was at 100% at 6am this morning. I have used it 3 times for checking email, once to check Facebook, sent 2 texts, listened to 5 mins of music and im now at 63%. This is minimal minimal use in my book. Ive also had a direct email from Phil Schiller himself telling me to be patient with it and get used to the battery life for my specific consumption. He wont be so flippant when iPhones are being returned in their 1000's. There is a problem that needs addressing by Apple. This is a genuine response from his schiller@apple.com email.Email From Phil Schiller.PNG

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    Can I ask, are you on AT&T or in a rural area with a poor LTE signal?

    iLounge did exhaustive studies and it looks like if you have poor cell signal it may be burning battery trying to boost your signals.

    Turning on wifi seemed to fix it, but hopefully Apple will recognize and issue an update fixing this software bug or add a setting to let us control this "poor signal boost" behavior.

    http://iphonetouch.blorge.com/2012/09/26/iphone-5-battery-issues-your-cellular-s ignal-could-be-the-problem/

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    I am on neither. I am in the UK and I am on the O2 Network which has no LTE yet so that is not my problem. I think there is enough people on here in the US and the UK for Apple to investigate further. I refuse to put all my notifications and services on minimum as this shouldnt be the problem. I want to use my phone to its full ability. I have done a DFU reset and I am gong to see how far I get on today. At the moment I started at 100% at 6:45am and its is now 9am and I am on 95% battery. I have read some emails, been on Facebook twice and watch a 2 minute video. This phone just drains when its sat there. Its really poor form from Apple. Its saying ive used my phone for 39 minutes and that is so not the case.

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    I am on O2 in the UK as well. I at this time have 88% battery life with 1 Hour 18 mins Usage and 23 Hours 59 Minutes standby. This whole thing happened with the 4S, its either a runaway process or a bad phone/Battery I think. Sadly I have to have this iPhone 5 replaced as the screen is not sitting flush and it is really scratched out of the box. I found turning off live weather forecast and making sure no diagnostic info is being sent helped on my 4S, in the end though a replacement phone was the only way to get good battery life with my old iPhone 4S.

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    I genuinely think its to do with iOS6 and/or a process thats running away with the power asyou say. My DFU reset has helped somewhat. By this stage yesterday I was at about 84% and as I am a creature of habit I use my phone in exactly the same way every morning. Going to hammer it at lunch and see what its like. The only thing I have switched off is icloud sync to safari. I am using a wifi network in work and my screen is nice and bright. All my notifications are on too. Emails are on fetch every 30 mins too.