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We had to create a new code-signing certificate for profile manager and for iOS devices to communicate with the server we need to update that certificate on the devices. As far as I know, Apple has no solution to update the code-signing certificate on iOS devices yet. In the KB they say that we need to remove the enrollment profile and add it again. We have pushed out our applications through PM and removing the profile results in the apps beeing delete with all the user generated data.  We need a way to update the enrollment profile without deleting the apps and data.


Has anyone found a solution to this?


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Lars Eirik Støle
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iPad 2, iOS 6
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    server 2,1 lists renewing certs for push notification services

    along with Profile Manager update for IOS6 support


    I don't know if the update for the renewing of push certs effects renewing PM certs


    I was wondering this myself, what happens when the trust cert and code signing expire

    both client and server side


    maybe it's best not to push any apps out with PM because of the very reason you pointed out

    and only use PM for basic stuff like e-mail, wifi setting etc

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    Unfortunately I can't find a fix in Server 2.1 for updating the enrollment profile or code signing certificate. I guess they also have to build the support in iOS..

    I still haven't found a solution to re enroll the devices without the user losing their data. It looks like there is no way to do it and that makes PM unusuable for app pushing really..