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I cannot pair iPhone 5 with Toyota Camry Bluetooth. Never had a problem with android

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Can't pair iPhone 5 w 2008 hybrid highlander


    iPhone 4 previously worked

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    I can pair my iphone 5 with my Toyota Prius but I am having issues with using the phone functions. iPhone 4s, iOS 5.x worked fine.

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    I've recently bought both a Logitech bluetooth speaker dock and a brand new Toyota Camry. The audio playback via bluetooth to both the dock and the Camry are patchy at best. I have noticed that friends are also having issues with the bluetooth from their iphone 5 to their own bluetooth docks. I'm thinking it's an iphone 5 or ios 6.0.1 issue.


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    Two things that you need to verify first


    1. The first step in troubleshooting any accessory is to determine whether the accessory is compatible with the device. Contact your automotive manufacturer or the manufacturer of your aftermarket head unit to see if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch model is compatible.


    2. Verify that both your car kit and your iOS device are running the latest software versions. To verify that your car kit is up to date, please contact your automotive manufacturer or the manufacturer of your aftermarket head unit.


    Also follow the Link. hope this helps.






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    The Toyota BT has two pairing options Phone and Audio Player. I paired just the audio player and couldn't get the phone to work hands free. You might have to pair the phone and the audio separately.

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    Following up. In the Toyota delete the audio player and delete the Phone. Go to the iPhone and "forget this device" for the Bluetooth player. Then start over pairing the phone, not the audio player. When asked to pair phone only or internal audio player, select internal audio player. When pairing is complete both the phone and the audio should work.

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    I know this is quite simple, but you can't be driving while you try to sync it. I wasted a long time trying to do it while the car was running, and as safety precaution it doesn't allow you to sync the Bluetooth to your car while you're driving. I guess I can't be too upset, the car outsmarted me. Anyways! Try it, I bet it will fix the syncing issue.

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    I think this is spot on. It is also the reason why the NOT AVAILABLE comes up on the screen when you try to make adjustments to the settings whilst the car is moving.