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there are the typical three alert styles for notifications of the telephone app.

1. No notification

2. Banner

3. Alerts (a dialog box)


This is what it looks like. Yes it's the settings for an other app, but they are the same.

http://www.shoutmeloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Set-push-notification-in-i Phone.jpg


I tried them all on iOS 5 and 6 but the didn't change the notification of calls, which always are displayed as a special screen with two buttons (Answer + Decline).

This is what it looks like.



So what for are these notification settings?




iPhone 4S + iOS 6

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    Still waiting for helpful answers if anyone has some.

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    iPhone4S + IOS 6 + Verizon


    I had the same problems as you had today.  After a vendor tried to call me - I heard the beep, no notification, never went to vm - never knew who it was.  This is what I did

    1.  I killed all the apps

    2.  I shut down the phone and restarted

    3.  Tested (2 times with different numbers) the call wait and it worked as it used to be before the IOS 6 upgrade.


    I also manually never did restart after the upgrade was done.  This may be a solution for others.

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    When you get a call, if the phone is locked, then you'll see the slide to answer option.

    If the phone wasnt locked, it will display those two button you mentioned above(answer + decline).


    The settings in the notification you mentioned above are just for missed call alerts. not for calls.

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    I tried it with the restart. It didn't work.


    The problem did existed on iOS 5, so it isn't new to me.

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    as far as i can tell, the notification settings aren't for missed calls. If i miss a call then there is no direct notification (Banner or Alert (dialog box)). All i get is a message on lockscreen, a message in

    Notification Center and the red icon on the app. But i never got a Banner or Alert for anything related with the telephone app.


    I do get Alerts or Banners for new voice messages. But these notifications stem from the message app.



    I really want to know what these notification settings are intended for. Maybe someone provide a screenshot of an Alert or Banner notification from his telephone app…