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I updated my iphone 3GS and now when I turn it on it just asks to be connected to itunes. Problem is when I do this, itunes unexpectedly quits every time. I've updated the laptop and it makes no difference, and I am left without a phone...really not impressed and can't wait for my upgrade to get rid of it.

  • Ianthin Level 1 (15 points)

    Try this:




    This put's an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in recovery mode.  Should solve the problem if it is phone related.  If not, you may want to post in iTunes support as well.  I had a similar problem recently with an iPod touch and this fixed it.

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    i tried restoring to factory setting and it worked i got to activation screen either use itunes or wifi i tried both but it keeps saying activation server is temporaily unavailable and i cant see what to do from there on any idea?

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    i am having a similar problem, i have just updated my iphone 3GS to IOS 6 and now when i try and activate it it says the activation server is temporarily unavaliable, i have then tried activating it via itunes and it wont let me click on the iphone ! i do not understand why this will not work and why i cannot update it successfully, NEED HELP !! many thaks.

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    Did you ever get to the bottom of this!???? Im having the exact same problem,...Cannot activate,...via phone or itunes,...

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    my iphone 3gs will not activate, is this due to the fact it wont let recognise my sim?? I have tried connectin to wifi and itunes and still says that it cannot activate at this time. This is highly annoying Please Help!!

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    Same problem!


    First I went to ATT and they put in a new SIM card.


    They couldn't activate it either and directed me to Apple.


    On tech support for an hour.


    Reinstalled everything. Still won't activate

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    i have the same problem...my iphone 3gs wont activate, i've tried using activation thru wifi and thru itune but nothing happened. i also tried restoring it again. is this a 3gs issue? could somebody help us solve this problem...

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    I got the same problem with my Iphone


    what the heck with all the comments and not one solution to this problem?????????????


    does anyone know how to fix this????

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    i have same problem on my iphone 3GS wont activate after update it to ios 6 i just receive a note says "activation server is temporarily unavailable" when i use itunes it says insert sim card while there is a sim card in the phone, can somebody help!