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    I do appreciate all the discussion on Apple/Browsers/Spyware, etc.


    Long-term Mac user – my first (Aug ’84) still runs – not far, or fast, but runs.  After nine Macs I have always trusted Apple’s system and it hasn’t failed me yet (far as I know).  But times are changing.


    I use the precautions many of you mentioned, but seems there needs to be some constant monitoring to back-up self discipline.


    With Apple’s new popularity, I have run Norton AV 11.1.2 for past two years with (currently) OSX 10.6.8 on a Core 2 Duo with no problems.  History indicates it has only stopped one attack. Not sure if Mac, me, or Norton contributes the most to security.


    Getting ready to go to ML and collecting info from those of you far more technical than I and those who have gone before (to ML) to try to avoid any problems – and to maintain as much security as possible.


    I have used Firefox, but tended to feel Apple was OK with Safari or they wouldn’t ship it. Will re-consider Firefox.


    Thanks again for all the input.


    1. P.S. With all the responses, seems I opened an issue with no real or single answer – seems like an opportunity for someone to sell something.
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