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Dennis_S Level 1 (5 points)

Since the 3.4 update I can no longer email photos via Outlook as I used to be able to.

Clicking the email button starts Outlook and then nothing esle.

This happened before but using a method posted on here by a more experinced user had solved the problem.

After the update all scripts in Aperture reverted back to their original and applying the aforementioned fix does not work any longer.

Does anyone have an ideas on a fix?

Aperture 3
  • tazulrey Level 1 (0 points)

    same issue here..

    aperture 3.4.1 and outlook 11 14.2.3

    it was working perfectly in lion !!!

  • léonie Level 10 (91,019 points)

    See this thread, i.e. the post by Rishi Garrod:

      Re: since update I can not send pitures via outlook or apple mail please help


    This seems to be a problem with the sandboxing in Mt. Lion, a new security feature, built into the system. I do not know of any work-around so far, sorry.



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    Ok thanks

    that's a pity


    I tried using Iphoto (updated version) but same issue.

  • Dennis_S Level 1 (5 points)

    Does anyone know if Automator can be used as an alternative to gettign photos to outlook?


    I tried using Mac Mail and heres my problem...


    The photos appear as 'inline' images in the main body of the email, not as standard attachments. I send photos of my twins to my folks and they are not that savvy to try and download the image first and then open it up. And to be honest thats a pain in the butt!


    I found a webpage that directed me to add a line via terminal that stopped Mail doing that, and placed tradtional attachment icons in the mail but the recipent jist gets thumb nails of the photo that I then have to explain how to right clik on it, download it, open it and so on....


    This is so ridiculous of Apple.