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Hello!  I am looking for something pretty specific and can't seem to find it (if it exists).


I am looking for a wireless remote for my iPhone for when I ride my motorcycle.  I would also like to use it when I excercise and do other activities that require that I not stop and/or pull gloves off to forward to the next song or change the volume.  I need to use in-ear headphones because of my helmet so the wireless headphones will not work.


My requirements are:

Song forward and reverse, volume up and down, and play/pause buttons

Must be able to use with gloves on

The Dongle not be there on the bottom but if it does need to be there that it have a pass through for charging. 

The remote should be waterproof or at least water resistant

Not IR signal (Preferably RF or Bluetooth)


Nice to have's:

The remote fit a watch band or arm band and fit a cradle to will attach to the handlebars

Actually work all the time



I have found these so far but they dont are a little lacking in one area or another.  In order of preferance


http://www.amazon.com/Monster-iEZClick-Remote-Control-Black/dp/B000HVHGI6/ref=pd _bxgy_e_img_y



Let me know if you have had expereince with any of these and/or if you know of something that is better.  Thanks!

iPhone 4S
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    Hi Vopra!


    I like my iJet Remote for the exact things you outline above. It's water resistant, RF, has pass through charging, music navigation is simple and it works with my gloves on. Check it out on BuyiJet here: http://www.buyijet.com/remotes/inav-boss-v2-black-remote-ijet-1.html


    It's pretty cheap too but the build quality is nice and I have been using it for over a year. It also clips on to the handlebars!

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    This looks pretty darn close.  I will give it a shot!  thank you thank you thank you!

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    did you get/try this.  I am trying to do the same thing but in addition want to make sure the unit will be able to prompt Siri.  Also iJet customer serv said you cannot answer a call with their device.


    More feedback would be great.

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    Ordering it today.  Came back here to get the name of it.  Let you know when I get it.  Although, I only plan on using it for listening to my itunes.

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    ordered the Satechi.  it came quickly, sync's easily and works perfectly... In fact better than the buttons on a the oem headphones.  This bluetooth will wake the phone up.  I am using a velcro strap with a rubber block originally for attaching a penlight to bicycle's handlebars.

    very happy with this solution.

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    So I got the iJet.  It works great!  I use it in my truck, I use it on my motorcycle. Inexpensive and decent quality.  Everything I was looking for.  Thank you ShawnTheGrom!


    I purchased the version with the steering wheel mount and also purchased a seperate belt clip.  I am a bit nervous with the belt clip on the motorcycle though so I am looking to buy or make a handlebar clamp.