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On my iMac, I am running the installation of OS X that it shipped with + updates up to 10.6.8.  I know there are server admin tools available on the Apple support website, that do stuff like manage groups.  I am looking for a GUI to look at ALL the users, groups, permissions, etc. (including hidden ones like _www for apache) on my system, without having to dig through config files in /etc and/or use the dscl command line utility.


The referenced article says I can find the 10.6 tools on Apple support downloads:

Mac OS X Server v10.6

To administer Mac OS X Server v10.6, use the Server Admin Tools 10.6 on Mac OS X v10.6. You should match the version numbers of the server, tools, and admin workstation as closely as possible; for example, use Server Admin Tools version 10.6.8 on Mac OS X v10.6.8 to administer Mac OS X Server v10.6.8.

My questions are:


1.  Where are the 10.6 tools on the apple support website?  A search turns up versions for everything BUT 10.6.

2.  Will the 10.6 tools work on 10.6.8 that is not a server edition of Mac OS?

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    I apologize for question 1; a different query turned up the 10.6 tool:




    I'm hoping someone can tell me if these tools will happily run on a non-server edition of Mac OS 10.6.

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    The Server Tools you can download from Apple will install and run on OS X client, but they will only connect to and monitor OS X Server boxes. 


    So that won't get you where you want.


    One command that will help you here - and which is present on OS X Server and OS X client - is dscl.


    dscl . list /users


    For details:


    info dscl




    man dscl


    Or a web search, etc...