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how should i clean my macbook pro's monitor?

MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    How to Clean Apple Products




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    i have tried using a cleaning cloth, but it didn't work, is there some kind cleaning salution i can use without harming my computer?

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    I use a micro fiber cloth, and if the screen is really smudged, I will spray a little eyeglass cleaner on the cloth. Make sure the cleaner is safe for glasses with coated lenses.  Make sure to power off the machine first, and support the screen from behind. Be GENTLE, I've done this for years with a number of MBP's wit no ill effects.

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    Go on E-Bay and buy an (iKlear complete cleaning kit), It gives 1 6oz. and 1 8oz. bottle of iKlear solution and several different chamois and 2 microfiber cloths and wet wipes for travel use. This kit is made especially for Apple products, recommended by Apple tech support and used exclusively at the genius bar. Can be used to clean any part of the computer and contains no abrasives, alcohol or ammonia.

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    Just a bump to cheer for the iKlear products - I've been using them for over a decade now - I think I bought my first kit at an Apple Store. Amazon has good prices on a variety of kits: that's where I order all of mine.


    Now I just have to figure out a use ofr all of the microfiber chamois that I've acquired over the years...