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For the life of OS X, I have always been able to set a custom picture and size for people in my address book without any problem.


I drag in a picture, even if there's more in the picture than I want, then double click on it to resize, set it to be the person's entire face, and voila, it stays like that forever.


Now, in Mountain Lion, whenever I add a picture of someone to their card in Contacts, afte resizing it to be perfectly how I want and setting it, POOF....a few seconds later it zooms back out a bit and will NOT stay in the size and position I desire no matter what I do.




Is there any way I can stop this really annoying behavior?


Is this a bug? A feature? Something I can turn off with a Unix command.


I can't stand it and it's driving me crazy.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 6 GB RAM
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    To anyone who is interested, I just found a workaround. If you have an iPhone (or maybe an iPad) and edit the contact's picture on there, it then will sync via iCloud and push the right picture size to your computer!!


    I'm not hapy that this workaround is needed, but happy that I figured it out.


    Hope this helps for now until it's fixed.