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For the life of OS X, I have always been able to set a custom picture and size for people in my address book without any problem.


I drag in a picture, even if there's more in the picture than I want, then double click on it to resize, set it to be the person's entire face, and voila, it stays like that forever.


Now, in Mountain Lion, whenever I add a picture of someone to their card in Contacts, afte resizing it to be perfectly how I want and setting it, POOF....a few seconds later it zooms back out a bit and will NOT stay in the size and position I desire no matter what I do.




Is there any way I can stop this really annoying behavior?


Is this a bug? A feature? Something I can turn off with a Unix command.


I can't stand it and it's driving me crazy.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 6 GB RAM