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    Interpretation? No, that is called reading things into the skit that weren't there. Or not being bright enough to understand it.


    Go buy products not made in China, and not made by capitalists and move on. As you promised.

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    Do you really want to get pwnd today sheeple? Let me know and I'll pick the skit apart for you since you seem a little slow.


    Chinese worker...


    "I guess we are lucky. We don't need maps. We sleep where we work."


    Nope that's not slave labor lol.

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    The post of defeat. "...and move on. As you promised"


    See you can't even comprehend what I am saying so how could you even understand the SNL skit. Not too smart yet have all those points lol.


    "go buy products made in China, and not made by capitalists"


    You don't even know what you are saying yet you are a know it all. I'm the biggest capitalist on this thread and FYI iProducts are made in China.

  • deggie Level 8 Level 8 (49,900 points)

    That wasn't the point at all, although I will agree they poked fun at labor conditions in China, but the joke was the juxtaposition between the lame complaints by the panel versus their situation. And, as I said, at the end, where they were offered the chance to make fun of an American made product (not just Apple) they could not come up with one.


    And please if you are going to quote me, at least get it to correct. What I said was, "Go buy products not made in China, and not made by capitalists". Is it that hard for you to copy and paste.


    I've sent the link to many people and not one of them came up with the interpretation that you did. And your sole strategy seems to be to call people names. That may have worked for you last year in middle school but now that you are in high school you will have to do better.

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    You are totally clueless and it seems whoever you sent the link to is even worse off. Go google "SNL iPhone 5 skit" and read the hundreds of bloggers saying the exact thing I posted and not your mental midget interpretation.


    Panel vs China situation = 1st world problems vs 3rd world problems. They were making the point how whiny American's are with their 1st world problems.


    They couldn't come up with one becsuse nearly nothing is made in America anymore and everything is made in China.


    Seriously, are you even old enough to vote because your views are lacking maturity.

  • deggie Level 8 Level 8 (49,900 points)

    As I said, your only ammunition seems to be calling names. And China really can't be considered a 3rd world nation. I agree with you though that they were making fun of people with there whining, sort of like you. One of the particular things they zeroed in on, which is the theme of this thread and you commented on, was the purple lens flare. They intentionally made the Wired commentator look like a moron when she said that when she aimed her iPhone 5 directly into the sun she got purple shades. Anyone knows that if you point a camera at the sun you get lens flare. This even happened with a Kodak Brownie.


    And yes, I realize where things are made, except that a significant amount of manufacturing is now being diverted to Vietnam. Particularly true of northern European nations.


    Again, you promised some time back that you weren't going to bother to post here anymore. Were you lying?

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    You are going off topic now. Lens flare is a given but purple is not. Later.

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