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    I hope that my returning my iPhone 5 encourages others to do the same if they are unhappy. If everyone who was unhappy returned their phone then maybe Apple would listen.

  • AAOO Level 1 (0 points)

    I can say an action to force a RECALL! I've had the phone from the first day and have noted numerous software bugs as well as hardware issues like the purple haze problem. GPS/maps fail, camera purple haze fail, black anodized surface coming off around edges fail. What's next and would this have happened on SJ's watch? I don't expect this from Apple nor a device of this expense.


    Original iPhone

    iPhone 3GS

    iPad 3

    iPhone 5



  • AAOO Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay this is unacceptable. I just went through my entire camera roll and nearly all of my photos exhibit the purple haze effect somewhere on the photo. Just so you know the pic I posted earlier is the worst and was done on purpose to show the effect but nearly all of my pics have the haze to some degree somewhere in the picture. Some with purple haze from the TV, kitchen lights, windows in the house, day pics/night pics it doesn't matter they all have the purple haze. I feel like I'm shooting in one of those filter apps and it has a Jimmy Hendrix setting. 

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    photo (3).JPG

    guess i'm holding it wrong?

  • newportnes Level 1 (0 points)

    photo.JPGand here and here too....




    permanent purple instagram!

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    All of these are cropped pictures with the sun just over the roof, striking the lens.  This will cause flare even in a $5000 SLR. IF YOU TAKE PHOTOS WITH THE SUN BEHIND THE SUBJECT, near the corner of the frame, use a lens shade.

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    Dude why are you yelling? The lens flare is not the problem the purple is the problem. Like I said above nearly all of my pics have purple haze on the edges no matter where I took the shot. Even in a dimly lit Mexican restaurant one of the TV's on the wall made the edge of a picture have some purple haze. I even went into the Apple store and showed the manager my pics and he was at a loss for words. He even had me take a picture with his i5 camera in the store where I was able to replicate the purple haze off of the fluorescent lights.


    Apple needs to recall these phones before someone makes them is all I'm saying.


    See the below shot from my iPad 3. The same shot as the i5's above. Notice anything??? Again, lens flare is a given but PURPLE is not!




    iPhone 5


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    I have this purple haze too when I take pictures on my iPhone 5.  Here is an article from today CNN, and Apple says it is all of our faults this haze is happening.  I'm sorry but ever since Tim Cook took over Apple has been taking steps backwards, not forward as they did with Steve Jobs. 

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    Not  trace of purple on any of the 50+ shots I've taken with my IP5. (None taken with the sun shinning at the edge.). Then again. There are a whopping 3 of you here to demand a recall!!

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    In my opinion it's worse indoors when there is light coming from many directions. Sunlight through multiple windows, overhead lighting, reflections, TV's, etc, just off the edge of the frame. It shouldn't be this difficult to get a good shot is the point.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    Not in my experience.  In the occasional shot where it occurs, just changing the angle 5 deg relative to the light source can eliminate the purple, even with the light still at the edge of the frame.


    This definitely isn't due to the sapphire lens cover.  I get purple on a 4S which has no sapphire

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    I am laughing right now.

    I have an iPhone 4S, I tried to get the "purple" you so claimed you could get on a bright light source.

    I just couldn't get it to work...


    Maybe I'm holding it wrong.....



    The IR fogging seems not to be happening. Why is that?



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    I can confirm this! iPhone 4S no lens flare effect and iPhone 5 in the same position I will get the purple haze. But I found a mistake on my lens. I took my iPhone and checked it with a microscope and found a mysterious substance. I dont know what it is - but a fact is - its inside of the lens system. No idea whether that is the trigger for the purple haze but its not normal! Can someone confirm a not clean lens - a very slight shimmer is visible for the eyes.

    The microscope picture on my blog: phirglas-der-grund/

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    Nice. Well, I have 30 some odd photos with my 5 so far and can find purple in more 9 of them so far. I'm looking but so far not finding them in my iPhone 4 or 4S photos. Sorry, but much as some people really, really want to make it out that there is no problem. There is a problem. Yes, the 4 and the 4S COULD do it, but it's insanely easy to have it happen with the 5 in comparison.


    But given by the recent support posting from Apple we're being left to twist in the wind on this one. I think it will get silently fixed in hardware but we'll never be told about it.

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