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I have thousands of e-mails in my gmail 'ALL' mailbox. How do I get rid of them?


I went to my gmail account but don't see where I can delete these e-mails.


I have sn IMAP account. Preferences are set to 'Move deleted messages to the trash mailbox / Save stored messages on the server / Permanently  erase deleted messages when one month old.'  I have the three boxes marked for one month deletes.


I read the other discussions and maybe there is no way to dump them. I didn't care until I started having the wheel with mail, now I think I better clean up some of the garbage.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I don't use Gmail, but you might want go to the mailbox, highlight 1 of the message then click command A, command delete

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    I thought that was it when I did what you said and all the messages highlighted dark blue and when clicked command A, all the messages dissappeared, but when I click on a different mailbox and then come back to 'ALL'

    mailbox, the messages are still there, still highlighted.


    They dissappeared but when you leave the box and then return, they are back again, still highlighted like they want to be deleted but are not.


    Thanks. I'm open for all ideas.

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    Well, what do you know! It worked. I went back to the box several times and finally the messages were all gone. This info was not given in any of the other crys for help, so you are the only one who knows this.


    Thank you so much.

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    Try shift, command, delete, would be the next step if the first procedure did not work. If for some reason they show up again, try that.  Glad to help.